Good luck to all the new quitters!

So wonderful to see so many new quitters on the forum lately! Good luck to you all, don't give in to the evil cravings! Trust me, it only gets better with time. Drink lots of water, take up a new hobby, read as much as you possibly can on these forums, and wherever else you can find stuff to read. It passes the time, educates you, and truly does make a difference. Good luck with whatever method you try, don't give up if you slip up, just start right back on track. Nicotine is beatable, there are lots of people on this forum that have proved that! You will be an entirely new person once you figure out the method that works best for you. Never lose hope, there is definitely a light at the end of this tunnel. I still carry a list of the reasons I quit, and of the things i went through during the first month of my quit in my wallet. After a year, I still look at it from time to time, as I never want to go back to how it was before I quit. Believe in yourself, and you will be amazed at how strong you actually are. Take care. Read lots. Breathe Easy.


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  • Hi Viking :D

    What a nice encouraging post better make some room in there as there are alot of us coming up on the rails I'll be there in 81/2 months myself and there are an awful both in front of and behind me and we are all coming to the penthouse


  • Davofgy

    Thanks for the encouragement Viking, makes it a lot easier not to give up when we see people posting on how they are doing as they go along. I have only tried to stop once before (half heartedly) went eight hours, started dithering and shaking so I lit up. Had my first fag 53 years ago when I was 9, 62 today and I've just done my first week with patches. Thanks. David

  • Hi David

    Happy 62nd Birthday


  • Davofgy

    Thanks Marg, I bet I remember this birthday, seventh grandchild born this morning too. David

  • Hi Viking,

    thanks for the cool message :):):)

  • Viking,

    great, great post.... :) Thank you..... it was inspiring!!!

  • Well done vike

    Lovely post xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi David

    Congratulations on your 7th grandchild hope all is well with mothrt snd child


  • planning to quit

    viking? you make it sound reasonably easy....iv tried to train my head into not needing to or wanting to smoke anymore and im ready to take the plunge.....what a nice supportive forum, iv smoked 20 a day for about 25 years, time to give them a miss i think, just cant imagine never having a fag again?

  • Dee Dee..... 'just cant imagine never having a fag again?'

    Wrong mind set!! If you look at it that way, there is a huge chance you will start to sulk after you stop and that will get you started again..... I have had to really change my thoughts before I went with this current and last quit. Don't attribute special qualities to the cigarette... THEY HAVE NONE! We were just nicotine addicts... Good luck to you!!!

  • iv tried to train my head into not needing to or wanting to smoke anymore and im ready to take the plunge.....what a nice supportive forum, iv smoked 20 a day for about 25 years, time to give them a miss i think, just cant imagine never having a fag again?

    Hi Dee Dee

    Welcome to the forum we will help you all we can but I do not really like that last sentence of yours it sounds a bit negative as if maybe you are not really sure about this or maybe I am reading it wrong if so I am sorry

    You should read all you can, read some of the posts on here there are links in the signatures of a lot you won't need to go far to find some here are 2 I find really good that will help you and the more you read the better you will understand why you smoked and also your addiction and the easier you will find it to quit

    Good Luck


  • thats how i felt im on day 25 it does get easier has days go by.its not that i want to smoke now its the habit of rolling afag them parts i sortof miss doin but i take it day by day.smoked since 16 about 15 a day .so gl didnt even think id get past a couple days let alone nearly a month iam using inhalator to help me though i only use 3 cartridges a day u can use up to 12 but then u av to get off them in the end by that time i dont know wat i be like anyway gl all lorraine.

  • day 1

    Well looking at your messages on here I feel more like I'm part of a team and yes can see thet by saying i can't see myself without a cigarette is negative. I have thought about this all night and I guess I will acknowledge I am actually not missing or losing anything, in fact I am gaining so much. I can see so many others who have done it and succeeded so my 25 a day habit can also be briken. thank you for your replies and i will visit the sites suggested too ..

  • Welcome to the forum DEE DEE

    Congrats on your day one. The first few days are the worse the nicotine is leaving the body and not smoking is all new to our brains. but things improve really fast and you will start to see the benefits. Just take Baby staps dont worry about the next day or next week just deal with not smoking today untill things get easyer. Keep posting you will have great support and advice. It can be done I smoked 40 a day for 35 years. xxxxxx

  • Margaret them sites are fab !!!! Wow i love reading other peoples stories, you have done really well-congratulations, I have spent hrs overnight getting that last remark out of my head and instead thinking i one day very soon won't be able to ever imagine smoking again because i just dont want to be an addict any longer.... This is day one and with the help of my patch i can start my life of freedom !

  • Hi Dee Dee :D:D

    You sound so much more positive now well done have obviously given yourself a talking to I am pleased you feel part of a team as that is exactly what we are as we all battle our way back to health and free of addiction

    I am so glad you liked the sites I always found them helpful especiaaly at first and even after 15 weeks still return to them at times

    Just hang in there

    All the best


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