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Calling all Fab Feb Quitters!

How are we all doing?

For me, this has been an odd week so far. Week 1 was really positive and exciting, week 2 was pretty tough, but this week has just felt a bit nothing-y - could it be that the novelty is wearing off?!

Still feeling strong and motivated though - went out for a meal with workmates last night (none of whom smoke, thankfully) and honestly can say that I didn't miss the after meal cig I would normally have left them all for! I never thought I would be able to say that, so that feels pretty darn good! :)

Hope you're all feeling fine - we can do this!

I will not smoke today... :D

Lottie x

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Beccyboo reporting for duty!!

Hi Lottie,

Still here, and agree with you about this week, feels a bit "oh well"!!

I have thought about cigarettes loads, but not in an "I need one" way, more of a "I used to have a cigarette about now" kind of way!!

But still going strong on day 17 which is something i'd never thought I would be writing when I started!!

I've not heard or seen any posts from quite a lot of people in my signature, and am hoping they are still with us??????? Guys, girls, you still all out there??

Anyway, on with work I go!



Hi Lottie and all you Fab Feb quiters,

Reporting in Miss:D Apart from the restless nights, feeling OK this week i dont know if its the Champex or the lack of my old ex mate nic'o tin, but i keep wakeing up at 2 or 3 in the morning and just get broken sleep after that!

Food! tastes bloody wonderful, bin having a right old cook up me!

Off work for a few days and have been trying out a few new recipes.

Will have to rename our group. The Flab Feb Quiters:p

Hope you all have a crave free week.

I am not going to smoke today!

Two weeks, two days, 9 hours, 2 minutes and 59 seconds. 327 cigarettes not smoked, saving £57.32. Life saved: 1 day, 3 hours, 15 minutes.


Flabby or what!??!!

I agree, chocolate isn't the best substitute for cigarettes, but it sure tastes good!!!

I figured i will eat bad for a month and then worry about any weight i put on, one thing at a time!!!!!



Hey Guys and gals,

I agree with you all, the 2nd to 3rd week feels kind of flat, but hang in there everyone the sense of achievement I felt this morning on getting to my first target was amazing.

And I know one thing for sure I will NOT smoke today:D


Nice work Burney:cool:


Hi all, glad to see everyone going strong. And good to know I'm not the only one whose over eating (now I can eat again). I'm on day 24 (I think) and yest and today things have levelled out a bit- it doesn't feel good or bad at the moment- it's just so.

I'm waking around 2 also and then not sleeping much- so now I'm going for a nap- the housework can wait....

Pols xxx


Im doing 22 using 14mg patch...........just feel relieved i dont smoke anymore

My teeth look white, still got lots of spots & eating is on the increase but I am honestly at this stage couldnt care less about being on NRT ....everything will just fall into place wen i am ready to reduce & come off it...the spots thanks god for foundation:D & The eating well i will address it too when im ready..........But for today we dont smoke WELL DONE USXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx



Just noticed this

Still going strong on day 8 now...hope everyones ok..xx


Uuuummm not sure if I should be posting on this thread but I will anyway:) Still going strong-ish and am beginning to not relate certain things (after meal; in car) to needing a cigarette which I'm really pleased about. Visited the practice nurse to get some more NRT. Started off feeling good because the CO monitor was v low. Then she started going on about blood pressure readings, blood tests etc (I work for the NHS so I know they are getting payments for hitting healthcheck targets - so never mind my quit then). Upshot of this was me leaving the surgery in a foul mood and desperate for a fag:mad: I'd rather successfully stop smoking me before I discover the 101 other things wrong with me. So booooo! to the smoking cessation people. Fortunately I had half a mile walk to the chemists which sorted out the craving even though I was muttering all the way which got a few strange looks. Well done everyone for getting so far!


reporting in :D

Day 15 and I feel rubbish. I'm not craving a ciggie but wanting a ciggie (I know sounds weird but think I'm now in mourning for what i used to do although I don't want it.)

Treated myself to a bit of cake (my weight hasn't changed in two weeks as I've been really strict but just felt I needed something)

Was supposed to be in London today and tomorrow with non-smoking colleagues and friends but the snow put paid to that, so not sure if that's why I feel so bad. But hey it was a nice feeling opening the third box of patches and looking at the supply going down in the cupboard (yep I've got the whole treatment in my cupboard).

Anyway having a cup of coffee or two, then will get back to work... And hopefully the snow stops soon - been snowing now for seven hours!


Hm, where are the rest of you??

Hey all

Fantastic to hear from everyone - interesting to read about the sleeping, I spent the first two weeks lying awake for ages, and now I'm dropping off easily but waking up at 2, 3 in the morning and lying awake until I can't stand it any more. Making me seriously ratty at work I can tell you, far more so than the lack of fags!

Beccy Boo and Mark (you old skool troupers!) - I think you could be right and we may have lost a few - best take those brooms into some other rooms and see if we can uncover some other peeps!

Al - you are very welcome! Not only are you a Fab Feb Quitter, you also had the good sense to quit on the 8th, just like me and some other rather clever people :D I wonder if there was something in the water that day...?

Eating tastes soooo good! (I'm sure you know what I mean!) So happy to be a non smoker, I say bring on the chocolate!

Now, where's that trifle..?

Lottie x


great news......

Took my daughter for her quarterly diabetes check up today, while she was being measured and weighed, i thought i would hop on the scales to see how much weight i had put on in the last 17 days, and i hadn't put on any.:D

So, pizza and chips for dinner, followed by a bar of dairy milk, a packet of chocolate buttons, and a whole bag of walkers sweet chilli sensations , i may now be telling a different story!!!

Flabby Feb Quitters for me!!!:D

Who cares, i haven't smoked today, and i won't tomorrow either:p


Thanks Lottie:) Better day today even though I got hardly any sleep last night. Sadly I think this was because I didn't drink very much but I'll deal with that another day. Chatted with the councellor at work and that did me a world of good. Even though I have been a miserable sod I don't want a cigarette at all, just to start feeling a bit happier - which i did reading about your eating binge Beccy:D


Glad to be of assistance

;)Glad that me becoming a big fat bloater cheered you up AlG123!!!!

I can't believe i actually fitted that much in - but it felt goooood, and stopped me smoking!!!!



oh-add me too!

I want to be a Fab Feb quitter!

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 1 Day, 11 hours, 23 minutes and 55 seconds (15 days). I have saved $116.05 by not smoking 386 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 8 hours and 10 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 2/10/2010 6:35 AM


Aye Aye, Captain.

Ok, been pretty much on top form of late! Loving running up to the 9th floor of the multi storey car park and not being out of breath! not even fit either...its just the lack of awful cigarettes that makes me feel like a veritable superman! A few weeks ago, if I'd tried heart would literally have exploded out my chest!!!

Still getting the odd mood swing....usually happens in new 'can't smoke, when I used to be able to' environments. Or when Im in the company of people I really dont want to be in the company of. thats only natural, but whereas once I could bite my tongue and play the old two-faced I cant! It's either angry or depressed at the situation...but its getting easier! And as life goes on, the situations are getting fewer and fewer. :)



I forget what day it is for me now...17 i think.

I dont remember the last time i used my inhalator or had a proper craving where i thought "omg im going to cave in"

But im constantly on the guard knowing the little nicotine men (which i picture as the scarey tic tac men on that advert) are waiting for me to say "this is easy" and then jump on me!!

Im glad everyone is getting on well! :)

Your all doing fab..hence our perfectly picked out group name :D

As for chocolate, i didnt know there was a different alternative to be had?? :eek: Damn, thats why i have put on more weight than i care to share, in 17 days!! LOL!!!

The one thing i have noticed, my tempers little fuse has got even littler!! But oh OH has a strong stomache.

:D Over and out! LOL. xxx


I don't know how to add you Athena!!

Hopefully someone else will see this and do it - I've just had a look and couldn't figure it out - I work in IT too!! Ha ha!! So not technical!!

Can someone please add Athena to Fab Feb Quitters (or flab in my case!!)





It is so good to see another good group starting up. Best wishes to you all it is great reading your posts, gives me a good smile.



well, I'm here anyway, even though u can't add me.

Yesterday, I was at a beach bar with my daughter and son's girlfriend and they both smoked. Didn't bother me a bit. YEAH!!!!! AND, guess what? They stunk! Smelled horrible.

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 3 Days, 57 minutes and 41 seconds (17 days). I have saved $127.79 by not smoking 425 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 11 hours and 25 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 2/10/2010 6:35 AM

Each week, I bank the money saved.


i invited Athena more than 2weeks ago but she never replied so wont let me add her again :( you can request to join tho and it will let you right in! This is why i got rid of invites and let people join anyways lol


Heres a list of all the people who iv invited to feb grp over last 3 weeks and had no reply from...


Day 19 - reporting in

Well it's day 19 and it's Saturday. So instead of lying about the couch dreaming of ciggies, I've been cleaning for hours :eek:

Started cleaning out cupboards and can't stop - OH is getting a bit fed up with me but hey it's keeping me busy and I'm finding all sorts of things I thought I lost. But still can't find my iPOD. Think it must have gone walkabout - remember going out to the car in December to bring it in but somehow between there and the house it's disappeared! Oh well maybe with the money I've saved not smoking I can go buy a new one :D

Have a great weekend everyone...


just found the invite-someone has to accept me now

here are my stats

I have been quit for 2 Weeks, 6 Days, 3 hours, 38 minutes and 44 seconds (20 days). I have saved $151.13 by not smoking 503 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 17 hours and 55 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 2/10/2010 6:35 AM


Looks like you're in!

Just checked and you are on the list of members Athena, so welcome!!!!



please add me too.xx

its great to read it all day 15 ,,, i cant say my smell or taste has changed realyy as yet,,,, but i eat loads if i dont put patch on \???

but i have had a really bad cold so may be thats why i cant smell better yet but hope to soon.

catch you all tomorrow for day 16 thats for making me feel so upbeat.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


First post - new Feb Quitter!

Hey everyone, I've just joined this minute.

Well, I'm just over the two week mark now having quit with the help of Champix tablets - absolutely nothing on this earth could have made me stop, but then fate took over and here I am!:)

I've found that I'm not even counting the days; I never think about smoking with the exception of the odd weak moment (which usually lasts a nano second). I'm especially proud of myself as I've managed to quit during an extremely stressful time - I'm about to go to court over a car accident and my daughter is currently undergoing a series of genetic tests as she is disabled.

The only downside - if I could even call it that, in comparison to having free lungs - is the side effects of Champix. I'm so bloated I look 4 months pregnant, I eat everything in sight and my sleep has taken on a new and increasingly strange routine, including bizarre dreams. I also get the nausea but now I'm in week 3 of the course, it seems to be lessening.

The biggest upside of the tablets in my experience is that they really force you to quit, in my case long before I was due. I couldn't smoke anymore after day 3, and you're supposed to quit between day 8 and day 14. Amazing!

So...can I join the Fab Feb Quitters?


Hi all, day 16 smokefree here.

First 2 weeks were easy, I'm struggling a little bit this week by having the usual thoughts like:

why punish yourself go buy some fags

just one fag wont hurt

but I ain't giving in, I am choosing not to smoke because I really don't want to. That nico monster maybe strong but I am gonna be stronger.

Anyways I am so proud of everyone else in the Fab Feb Quitters, I wouldn't want to leave lol


both invited :) glad u found the invite athena xx


Hello newbies!

- and well done for making it this far, we've all got a lot to be proud of!

Lottie x


Can I join join too?

I want in to Fab Febbers too please... and yes I can qualify for Flab Febbers too because I am LOVING eating at the moment and I just don't care as long as I don't smoke...

I quit on 14th Feb with Champix and I'm finding it much easier this time than I have in the past... really want to be free of this addiction once and for all. Dreams are rather trippy though!

I think I tried to join the group but not sure if it worked. So if someone technically-capable could invite me, I'd be ever so happy to compare notes with you all



Just joined.:)

I can so agree with everyone about enjoying food more.:D I am trying really hard not to overeat though as I lost quite a bit of weight last year and don't want to go through that again.;) As long as I stay the same or put a couple of pounds on I won't mind. Thing is food tastes so much nicer now.;)


hiiiiii! still here :) Sauntering on into week three today, and mighty proud too.



You should be proud - it's a great thing we're all doing here, and no mistake! :)

And, as others have said, I'll worry about the weight later....

Lottie x


hi everyone, gonna finish week three tomorrow and then on to one month. Glad to be here, and feelin pretty decent these days.


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