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New Years Day Quitters

nsd_user663_2524 many are there of you? Don't be shy. Let us know who you are, how you are planning to quit, and how you are getting on.:)

This time last year, l was a New Years Day Quitter, and l feel very proud to say that, l have not had a single puff since.:cool:

It can be done. I smoked over 50 cigarettes a day for over 47years.

Let us know what means you are using, if any, to quit, and come back on here often when you feel a crave coming on, it really will help.

Love Josie XXX

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Hi Josie

You are an inspiration, and congratulations and huge well done to you :)

I have smoked for 30 years now around 30 a day and today is my first day of a new healthier life i hope.

I will admit today has been very hard, i have been so close but held back and reading some of the posts on here has really helped.

Thank you Josie for inspiring me, and proving that it can be done.

Can i ask when you felt the cravings went that nagging feeling to light up a ciggy?



Hi Josie,

I am qutting tomorrow - my wife gave birth to a baby boy this morning. His name is Lincoln Malachky and he is beautiful. Can you give me any advice? I work in a pub and I'm working tomorrow night so any advice would be great.


Today is my first day.

I have been coping ok, and sleeping in until early afternoon has made it a short day!!

Good luck to everyone, and Happy New Year!

Good Luck Kixit and Happy New Year to you to :)

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Hello Denise and Kixit

Welcome to the forum,

good luck with your quits


Good Luck all you new quitters:)

Keep strong,stay focused and read,read,read:) education is the key to success.

the strong cravings should ease in week or so,but..... always be prepared for that sudden urge,they can take you by surprise even after a few months,but it really does become easier with time, and those little urges(not cravings) become less and less and they can actually make you smile at times.

you will get lots of help/advice on here we are all in the same boat,hopefully paddling the same way:)

Welcome all and congrats on your quits. take each day at a time things improve lots after the first 5/6 days. You will be so pleased with your self with each day smoke free. we will sopport you because we are all going through the same things. So keep strong and keep posting.xxxxxx

Josie you have done it my lovely friend well done your a star. xxxxxxx

Congrats Phillip on your little one what a lovely new years gift. xxxx

welcome one and all - great to see so many new quitters on the forum...

good luck to you all - it can be difficult at times but it is worth it to be free...

take each day at a time and read read's the way to a smoke-free life...:D

congrats on the new baby philip - what an amazing incentive?!?


hi denise kixit..well come to the fourm,,you are in the right is always on hand..just you remember a crave will go weather you smoke or is short enought ,why make it shorter by i say keep the faith all the best tony

Welcome to day two NYQ how you all doing. xxxxx

I'm feeling really good thanks. Hope Denise is still doing ok too.

I just keep telling myself that's another hour I haven't smoked... I'm the sort that needs to just take things that slowly. If I start thinking ahead too much I panic!

Thanks to everyone for the tips and words of encouragement.

I'm going to post myself a Day 2 thread - yipee!!

Hanging in there still :) I thought when i woke up today that it may be a touch easier but still as hard. :)

Well done to us all :) I never thought i could go a day without a ciggy so i am proud of myself for doing that.

Just wish these urges would go away, does anyone know when they do start to ease off?



NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Just wish these urges would go away, does anyone know when they do start to ease off?



Everyone is different, but the 1st week is a bit of an endurance. Hang in there its so worth it. The 2nd week is a lot better and before you know it you'll be wondering why you didn't quit ages ago!

Remember no matter how awkward cravings are they always pass and as time goes on they become less frequent and less intense!

Best wishes


Thanks Nic for that advise, i do fully intend to keep going just hope i dont cave in to them. I know that if i can just get to 1 week then that will be enough to prove to myself i can do it. See you all in Day 3 Yippeeeeeeeeee :)

Hey, well done. That is fantastic, really really good. I think it's the hardest thing a person can do because, although you quit, cigarettes will be sitting right beside you for the rest of your life so it's constant. In time I guess it dies down to virtually nothing, but at least a couple of times I reckon I'll look back at my life when I see a cigarette burning and think, I used to smoke.

I quit for 5 months before. Now I just have patches and gum, I'm 17 and was on about 20 a day but I have ambitions which require me to save money. I'm also diabetic and can't be doing with the constant nagging from the docs.

Well done and good luck for the future!

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