Day 13 for me!!

Hi guys

Nearly 13 days without a single puff and am feeling much better.

I am quite lucky that I have had no cough or any horrible side effects from giving up. Just had a few quitzits, ulcer on my tongue and really tired! but i can spend more time in bed now as before it used to play my asthma up so i would get up early! I haven't used my inhaler for my asthma for 4 days plus today which is fantastic!!

Everyone is really proud of me and i am so proud of myself.

I do still get cravings but just get through them, they are becoming less often which is good.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far, and look forward to more support when i need you all.


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  • Hi Yok

    Well done 13 days already glad you feel better as well and so glad it is helping your asthma you have every right to be proud of yourself we wll always be here for you

    all the best onwards and upwards

    Love Margaretxxxxxxx :D

  • Thanks Margaret ;)


  • Well done Yok on getting to day 13, that is a great achievment. It will all get so much easier now :)

    What is it with the mouth ulcers because i have been plagued with them more recently during my sore atm.



  • Hi Denise :)

    Mouth Ulcers eh have you tried ANBESOL you can buy over counter at chemist it's very good

    Haven't seen you around lately was wondering if you were OK

    By the way haven't seen Kipper either

    All the Best

    Love Margaretxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg *waves*

    I have tried bonjela left over from when youngest was teething and didnt do alot, but will definately try Ambesol thank you hun.

    Not seen kipper or meat around for a couple of weeks now, hopefully they will be back soon.



  • Hi Denise

    Waves back

  • Oh my god, I also have an ulcer but in my tongue. How is this? Does anybody knows why this happens.

  • Congrats for 13 days and counting!! Excellent.

  • Ha ha, I'm Day 10 and have also had ulcer on my tongue too !

  • Well done, you're doing great!

    I'm one day behind you.

    This forum's fab. We can all do it


  • soon be day 14..... let me know how you get on tomorrow:D

    W E L L D O N E


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