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day 13 for me :)


OMG!! i never thought i would get past day 3 never mind day 13 , :) dont feel too bad today , my sleeping pattern is still a bit outa wack, im on the patches (24hr) , keep waking around 4 clock then drop off again on and off till its time too get up around 6.30, cant believe i dont wake wanting a smoke though,( smiles ) i couldnt get out me pit till i had a ciggie lol, and i have only had one real bad moody day so its all good , hope it lasts though.

Best thing about it all is i just checked my bank balance , and i have 200 quid in it lmao, on a Thursday i usually dont have a pot too wiss in haha, so if anything , this will keep me going ( oh why didnt i do this years ago ) Hope everyone else is feeling ok and doing well :) xxx

Im gonna be 50 in May and i swore too myself... i wanna Breeze into me 50,s

Not Wheeze into em :) lol x

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Fabulous positive post Pat.

I am on day 16 today and cold turkey, but my sleep pattern is exactly the same as yours, awake at 4 and then restless until the alarm at 6.30

I am really pleased it is going so well for you, go and treat yourself to something lovely and indulgent for your birthday with all that spare cash :D

Way to go Pat, well done :D ..............and Tracey for reaching day 16;)

Just to cheer you up i'm still having disturbed sleep.......and i'm on day 48!!! :mad:

Oh well , it's a small price to pay to be smoke free :D

Well done to you all

I'm on day 21 and apart from an awful cough, I'm really happy I have got this far.

Good luck everyone for continued success

Hey Pat. Rock on the day 13ers! Well done to you!

congrats on day 13:D so happy to see that you are positive and doing well!! continued success hun!!

Congratulations :D


Thanx guys xx, i have moved too day 14 now, ( huge grin )

I plan too buy meself a new telly too put on my wall so i can think yayyy look at that i wouldnt have been able too buy it if i would have carried on smoking , :) sooo saving like mad now , keep it up all you guys n gals were doing great :) xxxxx

Thanx guys xx, i have moved too day 14 now, ( huge grin )

Well done Pat, you're doing so well.

Marilyn :)

Thanks Marilyn :) x

pat well done you every day will get better and better a remember my dreams were crazy to and sleeping was bad. but i still had so much more a new pair of slippers the soles must be nearly gone on the ones you are wearing :) as you are now a richer person. 200 quid in 2 weeks is amazing never mind that you did nt do it years ago. you have now thats the most important thing stand tall be happy and a big round of applause from me :)

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