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Day 13...Unlucky 4 me

For the first time I'm not having a good day today....cravings are here and that little devil is very much on my sholder today. :mad:

I'm not working today so probably having time on my hands is not helping and being completely alone in the house (that little devil keeps telling me to have a quick cig, no one is around and no one would ever know) :eek:

I cant give in now, I make two full weeks tomorrow and do not want to go back. I DON'T SMOKE......

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I was on my own yesterday for the first time and I felt quite wobbly. Just try and keep busy, doing anything from housework to reading a book...anything apart from sitting there thinking!

You've done so well...don't spoil it now!

JJ xxx


It will pass Lorna... you're stronger than that... you're a rock for others on this forum.. It's just a bad day, we all have them. Keep busy, go somewhere where you can't be tempted.



Go for walk or something to get you out and about and take your mind off it.

You know you can do it, hang in there



Thanks all...I'm hanging on. Ha, and I thought this was easy this time.:cool:

Even if I eat my way through my body weight on food today I WILL NOT LIGHT UP...too damn stubborn.

L x


HI Lorna,

How you doing, girl?

I'm on a day off too with no particular plans. Every time you feel like you may give in, come on here until the craving passes. Works for me...

PP xx


Keep strong Lorna, or I may have to come round to ( were are you anyway ) with my docs


Ha Leeds, great another Tyke, we will soon take over the world


Ha Leeds, great another Tyke, we will soon take over the world

not totally....came to Leeds due to meeting a Yorkshire Man....

Love Leeds, Love Yorkshire BUT I'm a very proud Scot...:cool:



Hi Lorna,

Just back from work, last post was at 11 this morning. how was the rest of your day. Hope you're having a better day off this afternoon. Keep strong, it's worth it!


Hi Lorna

from your posts i can see you have been feeling the same as me. I havent been on here coz of how i was feeling but now im sad i wasnt here for you.

How are you doing hun? Are you feeling any better? I am feeling a bit better but it feels like such a long hard process to go through. We will get there you know.

Let me know how you are?

lots of hugs



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