Day 13!!!!

Morning guys...............well i've made it to day 13 :)

As most of you know the last couple of days have been rather difficult for me. I felt that I couldn't come onto the forum and say how I was feeling so would like to thank Chrissie and Marg for all the private help they have given me.

I was thinking of moving to another forum but after a long talk with my son it was pointed out that I haven't done anything wrong so why should I hide or move away. So I'm afraid you are stuck with me :D

I have proved to myself that I can deal with stress without a fag in my hand and if anything it has made me believe even stronger in my quit :)

Thanks to all of you and lets get on with keeping this forum a happy place.

Carol x

p.s. My mum would be sooooo proud of me :)

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  • Sorry Chrissie I haven't..........they are too healthy :p

    Double cream, chocolate..............anything fattening!!

    Carol xx

  • Hi Carol :D

    Well done you on day 13 that's great Big Hug just for you

    Any help I have been able to give you're very welcome to

    I'm pleased your son managed to get you not to move to another forum as he said you did nothing wrong why should you move and anyway I would misss you so much as would many others

    You have certainly provef you can deal with stress without a fag a big plus for you [pity you had to learn it that way though] and yes your Mum would be so proud of you


    marg xxxxxxxxxxx

  • You would be so missed !! Would you really allow a little jerk like that to remove you from " the family " - don't even think about it !! - keep going - best - Peta

  • Thanks guys.............right enough mushing or you'll make me blub :o

    Think I've done enough of that over the last couple of days............smiley Carol is back now :)

    Carol x

  • Oh no I hadn't thought of tomorrow and I cant get into any of my clothes :mad:

    Does lady gaga have a tent I can borrow? Not a silly wee 2 man of these big ones :D

    Carol xx

  • Hi Chrissie :D

    Glad you're coming to the party tomorrow

    OK OK I'll do some rice cakes just for you alright now

    I have loads of sausage rolls in the oven oppppppps better go and rescue them be right back though

    Phewwwwwwwww just in time there


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Chrissie :D

    Yep you got it trying to tempt Goosey but ooooooopssssssss maybe he'd rather share your rice cakes instead

    Why do you have Marmite all over you inhalor sorry I didn't ask that question no way


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Noooooooo I've got to go to work and I'm late already. Now I've got to wait till I get back to find out what happened with the marmite........damn :mad:

    carol x

  • Hi Carol :D

    Well that's something to look forward to anyway :p


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

  • hmmm Sausage rolls .. tempting :eek: lol

    Made it to double figures myself today ... yay day 10

    off to play Poker tonight ... that may be a struggle or 3 but hey ho im not gonna let any crave get in the way of my enjoyment of life ..

    now where did i put all my chocolaty and creamy things :D

    keep up the great work Carol ..



  • Hi Dave :D

    Well done you double figures today that's great hug for you

    So sausage rolls are tempting eh but you lost all your chocolate and creamy things but maybe you ate them already huh so are you comong to the party tomorrow night then

    Enjoy the poker tonight and hope you don't dtruggle to much


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • party tomorrow ??

    where ..

    sorry im lost

    HELP :D:D:D

  • Hi Dave :D

    Sorry of course you wouldn't know about the parties on here basically it's just a bit of fun

    Sometimes if someones having a bad time or has something to celebrate we have a party on here where we all join together on a single thread for some nonsenical fun

    Tomorrow we have a big celebration for Nic Firth who has been quit for 1 whole year tomorrow

    I hope you'll join us if you can It will start around 7pm abd I'll start a new thread a bit earlier for it

    Ask Maverick about it I think he came to the last one we had

    We don't ignore any one else that's posting they still get answered it's just a way of having some fun


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • A big well done to you, struggling a bit is quite common during the first month or so as your new lifestyle grates a bit with your old one....

    Keep on with the new one and it will win, the old will be resigned to history :D


  • ohh nooo ... I play darts for a team on Friday nights :mad:

    if your still about when i get home can i play then ???



    ps. if I dont see you Nic Many Many Congrats on 1 yr smoke free

    yet more inspiration

    BTW played poker tonight and not a single crave ??? after last night when i struggled i am suprised ... now i feel good ..

  • hi caz youre so much stronger then you think , day 13 is brilliant keep going youre not that far behind me... im sure i dont need to pull you along.. more likely youll need to be giving me a push:D

    Glad you decided not to move on from this forum, be a shame for yourself & us lot x take care & keep baking ... is my vanilla slice not ready yet? lol

  • Hi Kitkat

    I delivered your vanilla slice yesterday.........dont tell me someone took it?

    I'll make you another one and bring it to the party tomorrow :)

    Carol xx

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