No Smoking Day
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day 13 no fags but bad evil in me

Another evil day bad tempered crappy day but not one fag has been lit. God im really pleased. Someone up their loves me. I dont love or even like myself at the moment and OH and i had a tornedo of blaspheme in the car today. I was like a raging bull. I dropped him off for his appt in a place i was not too sure of spent 5mins getting out of Tamworth town which bought me to tears. He had to get the bus back. I feel tearful today i dont know where i want to be. Im fed up with losing my temper so is OH. My meds arent helping. But im not smoking and that has to be top of my list. Jacqui

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well done jacqui

i remember those red rags to a bull days looking back now its comical and your post did bring a smile to my face but i do know when you are in it then its not easy

and yes i remember the tears too, crying over random things or over just nothing at all

as you well know it all passes the only thing i can compare it to now is the real bad days of PMT and maybe i am just plain evil cause i really enjoy being mean to the OH and having a good old shout at him lol

stay strong



I would cry if I had to go to Tamworth (maybe a bit more if it was Nuneaton):D:D

Chins up!!!


I totally feel for you, I was like that last week with my other half so much so I adopted the nickname "the dragon". :rolleyes:

I would be coping fine during the day at work without any mood swings, then as soon I walked in the front door and "he" spoke to me "BOOM", my mood changed and everything he said or did totally rattled my cage :mad::mad:

However, it has got slightly better since last week, he is no longer hiding behind the couch just to speak to me!!! Its just the cushion now.....

Just remind him that once you're over the worst you'll have all this wonderful new found energy that you'll be needing him to help you burn off.....keeps mine quiet for a bit. ;)


Well done Jaqcui love.

Keep going, never give up giving up :)

You go, girl!

I know those times when the s... hits the fan and it's just the right time to, well you know. But it didn't happen, and that's good.


Oh my you all put a smile back on my face im glad im not alone with my evil bad tempered ways. Im off to norfolk tomorrow to see my dad that will be a long journey. I hope i dont lose me rag then as well. Anyway thanks for putting a smile back on my face. Love you all. Jacqui


Yo Jacqui come on girlie.... you stamp n strop n cuss n bloomin expostulate if you want :rolleyes: you can crack this nicodemon



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