Day 13 !

Hi - 3 days since I posted now on Day 13. As of tomorrow I'll be counting in weeks I think ! That sounds good.

Am on champix, have had a few off days in the last couple, not sure what others experience but as strange as it sounds I think the first week is a bit of a novelty then week 2 it sets in, you're not a smoker anymore and it gets a bit harder (even though you're really hapy about it).

I expected to be more tempted in week 1 than 2 but been the opposite.

I can resist and have done so, chewing gum has been a saviour.

My lungs feel a lot better, have had slight soreness in some areas however that subsides. Walking every night so really shifting the focus to 'relaxing' with a ciggy or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 and instead going for a walk religiously and focus on fitness...

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  • Hi Gstar

    Day 13 is great you are doing so well lots of us have the odd off day this is normal

    You sound really upbeat and positive

    Good Luck


  • Gstar,

    Congrats for day 13. It does become that more measurable when a quit gets into weeks. Although, not taking anything away from the first early days which are very important.

    Having off days is normal. You'll remember that you also had off days when you were a smoker.

    Keep on with the everything you're doing as well as keeping that focus going. If you've not had an opportunity as yet it would be helpful to visit some of the information contained within the links in my sig.


  • Great work, keep it up!

  • hi 73,,day 13 feels good does in it,you are over the worst of it ,,the rest is all what we call mind games,,A CRAVE WILL GO WEATHER YOU SMOKE OR NOT,dont look back look forward,,you will get there just keep the faith tony keep :D:D

  • Thanks guys, you all rock and appreciate the support, damn it makes a difference - we are all making a difference being here....

  • gstar... I'm on day 13 as well and I also felt the 2nd week was harder...... but then some hope.... no major melt-downs or panic attacks today.... it'll get easier... I am now convinced (after today)..... man I remember the MANY withdrawals I went through when I WAS smoking LOL..... I feel my body is calm.... my mind is still a bit crazy but with time I hope that changes as well :) Good luck!

  • Agree Bella - I reckon the physical side gets much easier then it becomes mental. Your conscious mind takes control and you keep reinforcing why you're doing this but then I noticed in week 2, the subconscious comes up to sabotage. It can get challenging but I tell you what when you push through it - satisfaction guaranteed !

  • gstar.... the mental side is what scares me :-) I mean I cried hysterically last night and my 5 year old is wondering what the hell is going on..... nothing! It is only in my head (I assume after 13 days) I started to listen to a hypnosis cd at night and I feel it helps...... anything at this point...... all I want is to be NORMAL..... I mean like everyone else who doesn't have a nic monster attached to them :-) We'll be fine..... as for me, I have never felt as much conviction that this is the right thing to do.... hope you feel that way too!!!

  • Yes, for sure. We've come this far so there is no way we're going back.

    To see the joy on my 4yr old son's face in particular is worth fighting through every craving, every temptation. He actually started telling me I was going to die towards my last weeks smoking. He hated me smoking, now I'm not he's also freed up, there's been a dark cloud released from him as well.

    We share the same quit day too !

  • I KNOW!! My five year old said yesterday "please mommy don't go outside... I like it when you are in the house with me........ " Man! So hard..... I used to go outside for a bit of peace and quite...... but I KNOW now it wasn't the cigs that gave me some piece of mind, some quiet...... I needed a fix... that's all..... so I try to be there for my little one..... I seem to start to have more patience.... Allen Carr says that..... he may be right.... I feel calmer (not quite mentally yet though :-) That may take a while...... I feel less lonely with you all out there..... thank you.

  • Yep, if you have kids that is heart-breaking stuff to hear and the sort of thing you need to use to never go back. Mine are saying the same - Dad wants to do more stuff, he's more fun and so on. I did the same, went outside thinking I was getting away but since I've stopped I'm far less frustrated, am more patient and don't feel the need to 'get away.' Like you it was for the hit, I was an addict - well no more !

  • Hi Gstar and Bellablue

    Two week now that's great well done to you both you are both so determined you are sure to beat it Just hang in there

    Good Luck


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