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Day 13 Unlucky for some?


Well ive arrived at Day 13, its been a lot easier, than I thought TBH, but I prepared myself, by thinking this was going to be the hardest thing ive ever done!

Being a recovering alcoholic, and dry for over 15 months, is a LOT harder IMHO though, so crushing the fag habit seems relativly easy, as you dont really suffer the sweats, shakes, sickness, nausea, diaorreah, severe mood swings, involved with removing alcohol from your system!.

Hardest time, however, was this morning, as im trying to get my share of the equity from my house, after an evil divorce, and I always "need" a smoke when im on the phone to the solicitors, but strong tea to the rescue again!

I wonder if there is such a thing as a teaoholic?

Hope anyone who has read this, is still going strong!

Its not as hard as you make it!!

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Congratulations :D

It's never as hard as people think, but thats a good thing! If you work up to be the biggest, hardest thing in the world.... it's great when it's not!

Well done you. 2 weeks tomorrow! :D

Well done Mate I think your a total star.xxxxxx

Well done mate, I'm still with you:D

I had a strange one this morning - there was just a smell on the wind that took me back 25 years to sneaking up an alley, over a wall, behind a house - or wherever for a quick smoke before assembly:eek: Ahh to be 15 again, only thing I'd change would be never to touch a fag.

hi glinja

well done you keep going you are doing great:D


congratulations.... you shame me (lol... in a good way) -----> recovering alcoholic (15 months), stopped smoking and getting nasty divorce.... UNBELIEVABLE!!!! And here I thought I am going through such a disciplined personal evolvement.... makes my effort barely human and I would say yours well above and beyond mere mortals.... Unreal....

I tip my hat to you....

Good job Glinja

almost 2 weeks done ...the worst 2 weeks ! excellent work . It does get easier ...however we still must always be aware of what happens with just havin that " one puff" the saying goes - your only a puff away from 20 a day!

Stay as strong as you have been!

Same goes with you John.t5 - your doing great


Congratulations on getting this far - you can't ever go back now, you are so far on your way to recovery.

You are a real inspiration to the peeps on this forum, we take our hats off to you. We all know how tough it is to quit smoking, but you have proved you can do it while having a tough time.

There is never an excuse to pick up a ciggie again - you have taught us that!

youre a star

well done for not smoking at this time. your doing really well and its the start of a new you and a new life for yourself.

tea rocks!! -ive started doing workouts every other day to replace the smoking buzz with the fitness one.

keep going gal your bloody marvelous

Day 13 and I feel like I only stopped yesterday been a really strange day, was driving home and got that thought in my head that it'll be good to get home for a smoke:eek: Wasn't expecting this now, made it through okay though, hope I'm back to normal tomorrow though:D

Hi Glinja

I think you are absolutely amazing, stay strong hun and look forward now to the healthier life you have made.

You are truly an inspiration to have done what you have.



Loved your post John, that brought back memorys :)

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Stick with it guys and gals, its really worth it and while there are good days and bad, as time goes by the bad days get fewer and good days get more frequent.

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