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Day 13 for the wife and I

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Hi everyone. Getting some inspiration from reading the messages on the site.

My wife and I gave up 13 days ago (I have smoked for 29 years and my wife 25 years).

Since then it's been very much good days and then sh*t days.

I started with Zyban but stopped after 8 days and my wife started on patches but gave them up on day 6. We are both now going cold turkey.

I have now beaten my second best ever attempt (some 16 years ago), when I lasted 11 days.:p

Now trying to beat my best ever which was 31 days (6 years ago).

Feel so much beter for giving up but still keep on thinking how nice a smoke would be (though I know I would not enjoy it after 13 days without one). What a B*****d habit:mad:

Fortunately my wife and I have dovetailed quite well with me having a bad day when she is having a good day, and vice versa. This has kept us going so far. Just hope we both don't hit a low at the same time:eek:

Wish all of you well. Keep up the good work.:)

Dave and Allyson

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Welcome Dave and Allyson :D

Ooooh a couple quit where you still like each other, how novel! lollol

We have had some very funny stories of couples here where they have had quirky snappy moments :D

And some down and out scary moments :eek:

There are quite a few members that are quitting together, it must be nice to have that 24/7 support from someone who is going through the same thing.

Keep yourselves busy, remember it does get easier, the low points quickly run high again and every moment of suffering bares many years of happiness in the long term x x

Well done both of you x x Sunday you will be into your 3rd week! ~Buffy x x

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Thanks for the support

So far we have not had any problems with arguments!

Definitely helps that we both know what the other is going through.

Had I been doing this alone I could of very easily succumbed.

We are having a few drinks tonight so we must be strong!

Nearest shop is a good 20 minute walk so should be enough to put me off.

As they say one day at a time.

Thanks again for your support Buffy:) , I wish you all the luck in cracking this habit.

Dave and Allyson

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Thank you x x

The pubs / bars are much easier to tackle now with the ban on. It is very refreshing to come home without smelly hair and clothes too :D

I hated that enough as a smoker! since i quit I have been quit annoyed with it!

I just can't believe that with all this rain, the week end evenings / nights have been rather pleasant and the smokers haven't suffered standing outside :p

Wait till the winter !! haha

Have a lovely evening out dave and allyson x x

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a big welcome to both of you

nice to see you have not give up quitting! if you never give in you will eventually win!!!;)

well done to you both so far. im on my 13th day today, second attempt for me. keep up the good work :)

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Still hanging on


Thanks again Buffy.:)

Well done Destiny, keep it up.

Alcohol now taking effect but I will not give in:D

At least not yet:o

It's not going to beat me this time.

Good luck to you all. We ALL can do it.:)

Dave and Allyson

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Aaah drinks indoors :D lol

Sorry i thought out :rolleyes:

I am indulging in a wee drop of chateaneuf du pape :D not cheap but big brother is worth it :D isn't it ?

~Buffy x

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Clinging on

Wife just gone to bed. Struggling with it. Same myself but hanging on in there to have another beer!

It would be nice to be anaesthetised for 3 months and then just get on with it! My brother in law is an anaesthetist so I shall not have to look too far! If only...

Told the wife that we can do it. Just now trying to convince myself!

This is hard, like unbelievably hard. But I want to do it.

Thanks to you all.


Dave and Allyson

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x x x x x x

Where theres a will theres a way x x x x

Allyson had the right idea by going to bed :D

Thats a good tip, sleeping = not craving! alcohol is nice to treat yourself as smoking is not allowed :rolleyes: hehe moderately of course , suppose it is a little like being anesthetised !!

I was hospitalised with pneumonia when i quit, then too poorly for weeks to even want to smoke! so I didn't struggle at all! a bit drastic admittedly but i feel lucky to of not gone through the initial hurdles!

You are both doing really well x x x your very close to another plain sailing stage of your quit so bide your time and keep busy, keep up your strength and support together.

~Buffy x x

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Morning All

You are probably thinking this is an early morning chat, it is, day 7 for hubby and me, got through the weekend somehow, (hubby finished 12 nites on Friday morning) went for lovely meal on Saturday nite and a few drinks yesterday afternoon, so thankfully smoke free. Dave and Allyson, good luck to you both. Hubby and I are on patches, seemingly working at moment, keep positive. We went 12 weeks then slipped for as many weeks, this is our third attempt, we are going to succeed, it certainly helps no smoking in pubs now. Good luck to everyone.

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160 days later and still here!!!!

Looking at this brings it all back.

It is so easy to forget how difficult the initial few weeks of the quit are.

Now over the worst of it.

Good luck to everyone and a very happy xmas.:):D

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OH well done you two. im quiting with my hubby but theres been no dovetailing i can tell you. theres hell on every weekend in here. too much time together Ha! gona be fun alive over christmas days and days to remind eachother how we could just kill one Ahhhhhhhh ! its great though when you come back to show us whats possible. have a wonderful life smoke free, way to go. XXX;)

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Hi dossydo

Remember it's the fags doing it when you feel like you want to take it out on someone else:)

We now do not feel angry about not smoking. I (Dave) certainly did for the first few months.

Felt like I weas giving up but did not want to. Just looking for excuses to smoke again.

I no longer feel like that thank god.:)

I can now have a few beers and not spend the whole evening thinking of cigs. I very rarely think of them now when drinking.

I never thought i would ever be able to do that, but it does happen given time.

Good luck :D:D

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Well done D & A! And it's great news for all of us that it gets easier. Thanks for reminding me where I want to get to :)

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Hi Steve

I can definitely without doubt say that it has all been worth it.

We all have our battles with giving up.

I failed more times than i can remeber.

I really beleived that I could never give up. My cigs were never far away from me.

I even remember smoking in the toilet on the plane on the way to Australia in 1997. :o

Then a month later the elation I felt when flying to Brazil and realizing that they allowed smoking on the flight.:o I felt like I had just won a million on the lottery, just because I could smoke!

Keep up the good work Steve.:):)

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yes and you too. I've been quitting for 6 months on a 2 days without cigs, 1/2 a day with and I reckon I've finally cracked it. If you fall down, get back up and we'll all be ok.

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