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2 months tomorrow

Apologies for not dropping in very often! Finding time is hard and I also felt that I was thinking about cigarettes (not smoking them) more when I felt I 'needed' to come here for my daily fix! lol

Tomorrow is officially my 2nd calendar month since quitting and it feels like I haven't smoked for ages (think that's a good thing) and I feel loads better apart from having one cold after another but, that's life for most people at this time of year!

Looking forward to my 1st smoke free christmas and I can honestly say, I am so much more relaxed these days, it's weird!! Still got 2 weeks left on Champix and taking them religiously (as that suits me psychologically) and then a week of step down dose, similar to the beginning.

Good luck and well done to all of you that are still quit and thank you so much for all your well needed support in the early stages of my quit! Not sure I would have got so far without it!

Cat, xx

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So glad that you are doing well. I was just wondering about you only a few days ago!

You run your quit however works best, its the most important thing and all of us are different. I followed the course with NRT and it worked well, I think if I'd tried to come off it too soon I'd have been in trouble.

Do let us know how you are getting on from time to time and pop bak at the 1st sign of trouble.

Congrats on the 2 months that's Brilliant!

All the best



Well done on 2 months!!! That's awesome work, and I'm really pleased to see you doing well :D


Hi Cat

Well done Babe thats really fab work 2 months. dont know if its me but the time has gone so fast. Have a fab christmas and dont forget to let us know now and again how your going. love Linda xxxx


must be a nice feeling;2 months,.. o yes a very nice feeling,dont be a stranger post us now and again keep the faith tony


Good to hear from you again kittycat-and well done on making it so far!

I'm looking forward to my first smoke free Christmas for 30 odd years as well-at least I'll be able to actually concentrate on getting the timings right while I'm cooking instead of worrying about when I can next pop off for a smoke! I'm also looking forward to being able to taste everything much better this year-mmmm can't wait!

Think it's great the 'stop smoking' ads are already showing on tv in preparation for the New Year-I just smile and think 'that doesn't apply to me now' as I'm a non smoker.

Keep it up-it'll be 3 months before you know it-a whole quarter of a year-wow that really is something to shout about!


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