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Tomorrow is 5 months quitting cigs

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free

Hi everyone. My name is Betty & I started smoking at age 16 & am now 59. Tomorrow marks 5 months without a cig. I actually quit 3x in my life but only while pregnant. I did not even have a problem quitting those times because 1) they made me queasy and 2) I’d picture my baby smoking with me. I went right back to cigs each time, the second I was released from the hospital. I had no urge to quit for real until a trip to the E.R. this past Nov when I was told I needed stents for heart blockages. They put me on nicotene patches in the hospital & I used them for 2 weeks before switching to low nicotene vaping. My plan is to get down to 0 nic & then quit vaping completely. I almost went back to cigs last month when I was told I had a blood disorder which was the real cause of my blockages & not the cigs but a voice inside told me this would be my last chance to quit. I knew it would be just a matter of time before cigs got me for real & I want to be alive to enjoy grandchildren, if I am ever blessed with them. So here I am. Anyway, been lurking and reading posts here for a month or so & decided to introduce myself on the chance I get weak and need some encouragement.

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Well done for being 5 months quit! You have powered on through the hard part and should be massively proud!

Make sure to always remember the reasons why you've quit.

Take care

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free in reply to Royoraf

Thank you!

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Huge welcome to our community Betty, congratulations on 5 months stopped, that is great and some achievement and an inspiring story to share with us.

It is indeed a roller coaster of a journey and we all have had those feelings of going back smoking but as each day/month/year passes by, the stronger we become to deal with these and never let another cigarette touch our lips. I am heading towards 3 years smoke free and know I will never ever regret stopping as I am sure you feel the same. Life throws us all sorts of curve balls, but it is so much better and somewhat easier to deal with not smoking.

You now have a bit of extra support with us lot here :) Keep in touch when you can.....

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free

Thanks so much for the support.

Hi Betty what a great achievement ..At 5 months your health it’s improving .One thing I do is reading about quitting and health benefits ..

I also use a vape but instead is nicotine free and I use it only when I’m stressed or extra tense . Im sure you you will get off the vape with nicotine soon ! Once nicotine is not in your system things will get easier .less dependency great detox !!

.. Also your body will adjust sooner .in any case you are doing great at 5 months .

Best of luck and make sure you visit us all the time we are here to support each other 💕

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free in reply to

Thank you Karina. I have gotten down to vaping 3 mg nicotene and at night I switch to 0. My plan is to get to 0 for good and then stop vaping completely. I would love not to have any crutches at all. That would be amazing!

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HercuValued Contributor

Hi bjay...Betty, us 1958 models grown up in a world where smoking was "cool" (Although ''Cool'' did not exist then) and we smoked because everybody smoked... we were "in" and totally hooked on Nicotine until after 38 - 40 years of entrapment and slavery we are lucky to get the change to quit before it is to late...

My wife also, in the '58 stall, also never smoked whilst pregnant with our three sons but one hour after birth asked for a cigarette until 9 years ago when she had a heart attack and an emergency double bypass, she stopped and never smoked since..and naturally with the major woman side effect of gaining weight...!! (Sorry ladies)

I was stupid enough to carry on puffing my health away until almost three years ago and started to live a wonderful life after my quit...As you have mentioned enjoying our grandchildren....!

Betty it is so worth it to discover life the way it should be ....It is not easy because nicotine messed with our brains and rewired it in a way to make us believe that it is only a cigarette that can make us cope with life...but so untrue ...

Congrats on your 5 months and it might be down hill from now on...!!

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free in reply to Hercu

lol. Your post cracked me up about us “58 models.”. Glad to hear you could quit too. My husband (58 model also) is trying to do it with the patch but he is still smoking a couple a day. He does not do it in the house or carry cigs into the house because he doesn't want to be the reason I slip. Hopefully we both can do it together.

Congrats , keep up the good on not lighting up. .

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free in reply to Missimple

Thank you!

hi bjay22

grandchildren will give you power to stop.

I stoped with borderline COPD and hashimo (thyroid thing)

i have 2 beautiful grandchildren and next month i will get a new baby girl,

your doing great,

take care 😊

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Hey bjay22 , how are you keeping?

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Hi RoisinO1. Still keeping on with not smoking cigs but still using a crutch (vaping). Feeling pretty good except for the weight gain. I have put on quite a bit since I quit and I hate it. Thanks for asking.

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to bjay22

Good to read bjay22 - not long now to your massive milestone of 6 months, you could maybe set a target of weaning yourself off 'the crutch' for your 1 year milestone ;)

With regards any weight gain, please don't be discouraged about it as stopping smoking is such an achievement and with summer on its way, you will be able to get out and about more and eating less - when you are stronger in your journey, you can work on this.

Be very proud of yourself :)

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RoisinO1Administrator in reply to RoisinO1

Hey Betty ( bjay22 ), 6 months smoke free today! Hope you have a wee treat lined up for it, you deserve it, congratulations :)

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free in reply to RoisinO1

Thank you for remembering! Feels great. Still kind of hard to believe after years and years of smoking.

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bjay224 Years Smoke Free in reply to bjay22

Woohoo! “6 months Smoke Free” is pretty awesome to see after my name.

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