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new years quitter..out 6 months tomorrow!


well today is june 30 and it is my first smoke free birthday since i was 14!:eek:

what a feeling!!:)

also tomorrow i will be smoke free for 6 months...i say this with a tear in my eye..i just cant believe so proud that i have gotten this far...and i give special thanks to this forum and all wondeful people on it!!

so roll call.....where are my new years quitter?...congrats everyone!! let me know you are still here....

please excuse my mistake in the title (should years quitters..our 6 months tomorrow) and i havent even started drinking yet!!

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happy birthday IAQ have a great day

and so you should be proud i am proud to cannot believe i would get to this point but I have, you have and all our new year quitters have

with many thanks to this forum and everyone on it always being there when we need it



Just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday and also congrats for you and the rest of the January 2011 Quitters 6 months free tomorrow.

Have an amazing day today and dont forget to treat yourself for doing so well :)


happy birthday from me too...

and six months, how clever are we :)


Congratulations IAQ and NFV and all the Jan quitters!

It feels bloody great doesn't it :D

I quite like the typo in the title. I'm out and I'm proud :P


:Dthanks everyone..offically 6 month now


i will be going out tonight to celebrate my birthday & my 6 months no smoking!! i hope all my fellow new years quitters do something nice for themselves as well!! we deserve it...enjoy your success everyone!:)

A big congrats I A Q well done 6 whole months I am so pleased for you, here's to the next 6.

Maria. xx:D

A delayed Happy Birthday from me, and also a note to say im still part of the New Year Quitters...... 6 months strong.:)

6 months for me also!!!

What a great feeling this is.

Before we know it we will have made it 1 year.

Well done everyone.......

look at all of us doing it..remember when we thought this would be impossible?

good job everyone!!

oh yes i remember when it felt impossible i was reading through my post the other day i feel a million miles away from those days

i feel 'normal' well if there is a normal but u know wat i mean i can live life enjoy it, smile,laugh and just love my newfound freedom

You are all amazing a great achievement. And Boo I think you said it in one FREEDOM that is the best thing of all. (plus a smaller handbag now always had cigs 2 lighters:eek:)


I'm still here as well. Well done everyone and a very very belated happy birthday :)

:Dthank you thank you thank you!!

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