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Val's month 2 (take 2)


I'm glad to be here in month 2. Something has changed since I was last here (last month :rolleyes:) It may be because apart from my 1 day slip, I have been nicotine free for 2 and a half months now, but...... I just do not care for fags any more. I don't want a fag but neither do I hate them...........they are just fags. :) They leave me totally unmoved, one way or the other....they are just fags.

Also, I have come to realise (and this may sound silly) that I used to allow myself to get riled by situations so that I could have a fag!:eek: Instead of trying to resolve/rectify a difficult situation I was allowing it to develop to the point that I'd "have" to have a fag, almost as if I was trying to justify smoking. :o It's only now, looking back, that I can see what was going on. Now, if there is a difficult situation or a problem, I will tackle it properly i.e. without recourse to a fag.

It all seems so obvious and simple now and it is quite horrifying how nicotine can take over your mind so completely. :eek:

Just as an aside, I was in my local shop the other day, where fags are still on display. "My" old fags (20 Rothman's Superkings Menthol, please :o) are now £7.38 a pack. :eek::eek: If I was still smoking, I'd be choosing between smoking and eating!

Oh, and that old loser nic o'teen has just paid for one year's membership of the National Trust for me! He'd already bought me one year's membership for Westonbirt Arboretum. Oh, and I'm off to Blenheim Palace on Sunday! So shove that in your fag and smoke it, nic!!!

Sorry, getting a bit carried away there :o, but I just feel so different about it all now.:)


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You get carried away Val! You deserve to and it's one of the lovely things about quitting that you don't think about before you quit. Kind of unexpected brilliant side effects.

Lovely treats for a lovely lady :D

Well done on getting to Month 2 for the last time petal

Molly x

Hi Val, amazing how the apathy creeps up on us isn't it? I only hate fags when I have to stand next to someone who's just finished a cig. I can't empathise with the money side completely as I smoked rollies for years but when I was in the local shop yesterday I noticed that todays cigarette of choice was £8.42 for 20, my god, who can afford to smoke tailored fags these days :confused: I thought I was saving a bundle by not spending out £13.00 a week for my pouch plus the tips and papers but £8.42 a day, blimey I was £45.00 a week better off than most smokers before I started the quit.:eek:


Brilliant Post !

Laughing all the way now... It's so rewarding now when you can see where your new pennies are going... More money, better health and smelling so sweet !

Why did we choose to smoke ?

But hey well done and here's to the next few months xx

That's really fab Val, am so glad you're doing so brilliantly now!!

YAY for spending the money you used to waste on fags on nice treats :D

B.loody expensive way to make yourself smelly :/

It's fab that you don't care one way or the other about fags too - that's a massive step forward :D

Aww, thanks Molly.xx

It's all just so different now. I think I can pin the change down to yesterday evening when a minor issue arose, and I mean minor. I felt like I was going to explode but suddenly realised that I was only going to explode because that is what I used to do and I used to do it just so that I could have a fag. How completely idiotic.....I have been an idiot for 41 years of my life.:eek:

Still, that's changed now. Well, the fag idiocy has....I might still make other idiotic decisions, but as for the fags, well I have waved them bye bye! :D



Thanks, Jenn xxx. :) Thanks, woo xxx. :) Thanks, Gemma xxx. :)

It' so good to be back properly, especially now that I know I'll make it. I thought previously that my mind was set right, but I can see now that it wasn't. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak, or something like that!:o

Well done Jenn and well done woo on your journeys, and Gemma....when you're ready, you little pisky you, I'll be right there with everyone else to help you along. :)



Hello Val

I love the fact that you are getting carried away. Do it more

If I knew where to store posts that really keep me going this one would be there. Top of the pile

Thank you

J x

Oh, thank you jenny....what a lovely thing to say. I really hope that you stay strong in your quit. If it is anything like mine, there will come a point when you just don't care for fags anymore, so keep on with'll happen! :)



This is terrific Val :D

You have made that essential breakthrough in your mind,the only way you lose this now is if you are reckless and throw it away.Congrats!!!!!! :p

Thanks, Max. It just happened, all of a sudden. :D



Thanks debbie xxx. Thanks, Kat xxx.

It's such a noticeable difference when the mind switches. It was just like a light suddenly coming on and I certainly knew when it had happened.......I (or nic :mad:) was just conning myself before. :rolleyes:

Champix got me off to such a good start and it was only the mess I got into with the increased dose that caused the slip. Reducing the dose to 1 a day did the trick, but the cement that binds my quit is this place and the lovely, lovely, lovely people here. :D Really and truly, I know I wouldn't have made it without the help and advice and experiences which I have found here. :) Hark at me! I know it's a long old haul up to the penthouse, but I also know that it's over between me and nic. :D



It's just fab that you've had a real lightbulb monent, can see how pleased and proud you are :D :D

Gemma....when you're ready, you little pisky you, I'll be right there with everyone else to help you along. :)



Aww thanks Val :)

Wouldn't even be considering it if it wasn't for all you lovely people!!


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