I am Graduating month 2 tomorrow

Can't believe I have not had one for 2 months already... YAY:D... Have put on a stone now, but I have no cigarette cravings to speak of now.

Hope you are all good?!


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  • Hi Vicki

    Well done you 2 months already hope you are proud of yourself as you should be give yourself a pat on the back :D :D

    Glad you feel good, so do I

    All the best


  • Hi Vicki

    Huge well done, 2 months is a great achievement. I will be there come the end of Feb so a little while yet.

    Keep it up :)



  • Vicki

    Thats really great 2 months already thats gone fast. CONGRATS GIRL.xxxx

  • Hi Denise :D

    The time will go much faster than you think

    all the best


  • vicki,,well done to you girl,,where does the time go to,,one min,your on day 1 then you are on 2 months,,i think you are very strong minded,and i think you will be ok,,and heading for the pent house,,,make the pent house your goal,,you just keep the faith tony keep :D:D

  • :D Oh. Congrats.. I am sooo happy for you.. you did it..

  • Congratulations on 2 months Vicki,its a great achievement,you should be very proud of yourself.

    I will see you there in 2 weeks.

  • Well done vicki for 2 months, I can't wait to post at 2 months:D

  • thank you so much... its the positive reinforcement thats making me feel like I have done something GREAT..

    you lot are all doing so great too... you all should be proud, not only are you quiting , but you are all supporting each other too... you are a lovely bunch of people:D

  • Hi Vicki :D :D

    Listen to me YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING GREAT you kicked a filthy habit into touch well done

    Love Marg xxxxxx

  • 10 weeks tomorrow.. since no wobbles and am now on a diet and eating a what I did before giving up.... its a gooooooood feeling:)

    Hope your all doing good xxx

  • Hi Vicki :D

    Very well done 10 weeks is great you have done so well give yourself a big pat on the back from me

    Keep it going

    Love Margaret

  • Hi Vicki

    Congratulations on 10 weeks and great news that the diet is going well,remember to exercise too it makes you feel great.:)

  • hey folks... just counted how long I've been a non-smoker... its 12 weeks tomorrow or 96 days... wow, where did all that time go.

    being a non-smoker now seems like the more natural life style... cant imagine being a smoker... I get the occasional craving, but this is only in certain situations, and they are pretty unintrusive now ( with the exception of outside the hospital last week).

    Hows everyone else doing???

  • Hi Vicki :D

    12 weeks already that's wonderful

    I hope you are justifiably proud of yourself a pat on the back is in order, well done that girl a Big Hug is on it's way from me



  • Well done Vicki

    12 weeks is FAB!

  • Very well done Vicki

    12 weeks thats really fab work.xxxxxx

  • Brilliant and well done. I have put on over a stone and am a bit down about it. so the thought that in a few weeks i can also address that is encouraging

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