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hello all. I had a bout of the cold over a month ago and had a rather nasty cough along with it, after I the cold had gone and I had had the cough for over 2 weeks I went to see the doctor. she listened to my chest and so on then told me that there was a lot of nasty chest infections about and my symptoms might well be being exacerbated by quitting smoking (how annoying!) and sent me away with insxtructions to take ibuprofen for muscular chest pain. that was three weeks ago, so it has been nearly six weeks now and I still have this nasty cough, it's rather chesty and I get a bit wheezy at certain points in the day, however I'm not sick at all otherwise.

I quit nearly 10 weeks ago now, I just wondered if others had had similar symptoms or whether it was time to go back to the doctors - not sure that there'sd much they can do, but I am really starting to get frustrated with not being able to go out as much or exercise.

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Morning hippo x x

grats on 10 weeks!! way to go ;)

It is common on quitting but 6 weeks is an awful long time. I would go back to Gp, it may be you need to do a spirometer test and rule out asthma.

Sorry you've been suffering :o

~Buffy x x


Aw Hippo poor you :( I would do as Buffy suggests and go to see your doc, this way I'm sure you'll heal much faster. Hey, congratulations on staying smoke free! you've come a real long way stay strong and free pal :) xxxx


I had this last year and my doc sent me for a chest X-RAY which showed clear i would ask for one if i was you don't want to worry you but it's better to be safe. Hope you get well :)


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