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THE COUGH - positive symptom

Hi all

One thing that seems to have slipped by, unnoticed by me, during my quit is The Cough - that hacking growly smokers cough, and also those little coughs that happen very freqently.

I used to cough probaby about every 4-5 minutes - one of the little ones - just the sort of reminder that I smoke. Then of course I'd have the morning cough up - I've also had to leave work meetings due to a coughing fit.

A friend commented on the weekend that I don't cough anymore - and I hadn't even noticed. So I've thought about it and I haven't coughed (in a smokers way ) since about week 2 of my quit. I have the normal clearing of my throat - but that's it!

It is SO FANTASTIC not to be coughing all the time.

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:) ditto - reading your post has just made me realise that I'm not coughing that little bit in the morning or during the day either.

I'm looking forward to a winter with hopefully no coughs following a cold resulting in sleepless night for me or the family. Being able to walk out on really cold days and not have my lungs try and close up and run away from me.


I hadn't noticed that I'm not doing that 'little cough' now.

And, just noticed that I also hadn't noticed that I'm not doing that 'gagging' thing in the morning. Did anyone else have it? You know, when you brush your teeth first thing in the morning and it's as if you're going to vomit, but you don't vomit. (Sorry, rather distasteful post!)



Do you know I have never had a cough, I used to think this was due to all my exercise and I was lucky. However I read somewhere the cough is good as it's dislodging the tar from the lungs so I'm slightly worried that I never had a cough and I never got one when I quit either:(


I never got one when I quit either:(

Me neither and I don't know if that's a good thing or not. My smokey nurse said not to worry, not everyone gets a 'clear out the muck and debris' cough. Can't help feel a little :confused: about it though. I mean I don't want one but surely there must be something on the lungs that needs getting rid of:(


That's what I think Pol to, does that mean our lungs are spray painted with tar and it's staying or does it mean they were never that bad??? Oh well I suppose we have done the damaged and what will be will be:o


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