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No Smoking Day
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Cough getting worse!!

I'm on day 12 of my quit (woo hoo!) but spent most of last night sitting up in bed coughing my guts (and lungs and everything else) up. I'm not coughing up any black stuff as others have mentioned, mainly nothing or flem, but it seems to be getting worse every day. I had a chest infection and cold when i quit so i suspect this may have something to do with it, but its really getting me down as i associated quitting with feeling better!! I've also got chest pains that i used to get after a heavy night/day on the fags, when my chest used to ache and feel as if my heart was straining (i'm only 27, so a really scary thing to have knowing that i'm to blame!)

Don't get me wrong, my resolve is still as strong as it was on day 1 and i'm not thinking about starting up again, but a few more days of this god-awful cough and i'm not sure i'll stay so positive.

I am going to the doctors this week if it doesn't show signs of improvement, but i was wondering if anyone else has had similar things happen?

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Awww Hun,

Sorry to hear about your cough, that does not sound nice at all.

I was wondering have you been up to see your Dr, maybe like me you need a chest X-ray and some anti-biotics, but it will get better though.

Just take things easy, maybe some honey and lemon drink to help soothe the cough, but i would def get in touch with your Dr and get them to check you out.

Take care & Keep up the good work.



Don´t worry, keep at it. Cigarettes are a way to make discomfort go away. Your body needs time to learn how to function properly again. Like you said, maybe it´s just a cough the doc can help with, and whatever it is, it is a lot better than the cough that can develop for a persistent smoker like I was. You are learning how to be more in tune with your body now, and that can only be a good thing.


I would say a trip the the Dr is in order as it sounds like you have a chest infection to me. It probaly has nothing to do with giving up smoking so starting again will just aggrevate what is probaly an infection, so really not worth it.

Get yourself to your GP and see what they say.




Do take a visit down to your doctor in case of any infection or anything.

Your body should be at recovery stage if you have quit since 2 weeks ago. normally, if you have heavy coughs, it will ease and go away after about 2 months.

Don't give in to the symptoms... quitting smoking is your best decision ever... when your cough recovers.. trust me.. you'll see the most healthy you ever.

Good luck and all the best !!




Same thing happened to me

Hi. I just wanted to say that the *exact* same thing happened to me. As a matter of fact, for the first six months after I quit I coughed a lot and also coughed up a bunch of rather gross yellowish/brownish phlegm. I'm going to guess that's part of the natural detoxing process - your body trying to get rid of all the gunk that gets lodged in there when you smoke. After those first few months though I was absolutely fine. :)

Congrats on quitting-stick with it!


Thanks Jennjenn - the cough has gone finally (on day 30 today so stuck with it) which is so nice :) I've spoken to loads of people who really suffered when they first stopped so it's been nice to know i wasn't alone



It gets better!

Just reading back over this and it was a bloody hard time!! (she says so wise after 73 days!) The cough kept me up for about 5 nights on the trot, and i couldn't laugh or breath deeply without hacking up a lung. But it got better!!

Yesterday i ran for 10 minutes solid uphill. Even a few weeks back i couldn't do this as i'd start wheezing and coughing. IT FELT GREAT!!!

Hang in there Alexford, it WILL go and you'll feel 100% better for it :D


I'm on day 8 and I've woke up this morning with a real tight chest and starting to cough :(

Not looking forward to this bit as coughing up horrid stuff knocks me sick thinking about it so if I actuall start doing it then it's not going to be a good time for me!

On the plus side, no cravings so far today YIPPEE!!!

Shaz x


I posted a similar thread at a similar time. Shashwoo - it's vile isn't it? But I kind of liked it in a perverse way - every bit of crap coughed away was a little bit more freedom for my poor lungs.

And sure enough when the coughing stage passed my breathing was so much better it was unbelievable. Actually, I genuinely hadn't realised how bad my breathing had become, until it improved so drastically.

I was having a bad morning, it's made me feel better to think about that :)


I know exactly what you mean about every bit brought up is a bit more cr@p off my lungs which is problably the only way I can think to deal with it.

I never had a problem with wheezing or breathing badly however most my family do I think my reason was so that I dont' end up like that. Also I run the Race for Life for the past two years so I really need to get in training for that and would be nice to train without ending up a coughing out of breath mess hahaahha

I'm sure today will get better for you hunni :)

sHaz x


Bumped !!!


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