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My Reasons for Quitting

Well it's not easy to say this in public really, but oh well here goes!!

In 1999 I found out I had cancer of my left testicle at the age of 29. I had two wonderful boys and a fantastic wife, so the only thing I was worried about was loosing my life! The problem was I was'nt worried, not enough to give up smoking anyway. I had the testicle removed and was given tests every month. Everything was getting back to normal in life, when suddenly I was told the cancer had spread to my left lung!!

My life fell apart again, this time my Doctor wanted to treat me with chemotheropy. So I had six months of chemotheropy in hospital, they really were the hardest days of my life, ever!! My wife was my Rock, I know it sounds cheesy, but without her I would have given up the fight.

But even then, I still could'nt give up those smokes, I was a regular in the hosptal visitors smoking room with my chemotheropy and bald head. I guess nasty nic had got me good and proper!!

Year 2000 was my fresh start in life, the cancer was behind me.

My Doctor then told me the cancer cells had'nt gone compleatly from my lung and an operation was needed to remove the cells!

When I came around from the operation they told me they had removed half of my left lung.

And still I carried on smoking away like an idiot. Don't get me wrong I have tried in the past to give up, but have always given in to nasty nic again and again.

So.. It brings me onto 2007, my health has suffered so much now, I'm starting to feel it's time to do something now, before it gets any worse.

Tuesday 14th August 2007 0000hrs, I slap on my first patch and give it a go! My wife, who has never smoked in her life sighs with relef, after nagging me for years to stop smoking. I no longer have to sneek around trying to keep the fact I smoke a secret away from the kids!

Three weeks on and I'm smoke free!! Staying strong and getting stronger!

I'm sorry for telling everybody this story of mine, but I think it as actually just made me see why I have got to do this, NOW.;)

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Hi ya bulldog,

There doesn't get a reason any better than that does there? We certainly are very strange creatures aren't we? I can understand that it is very difficult to stop smoking when you find out you have cancer coz that would be my worst nightmare, It would be soooooooooo stressful to find out you had it that I would want to smoke all the more! I always feel so sorry for those poor people who used to stand in the entrance at my hospital in their pyjamas and nighties with there drip stands and a fag in their hand. That was me when I had a miscarriage and all I wanted to do was smoke, luckily it was a few years ago and there was one smoking room left.

Your wife must be so proud of you and so are we, everyone will be here to help and support you, please don't give in this time, I am sure you can do it!

Stay strong and keep posting,

Befly x x:D :D


Ummm, excuse me as I wipe the tears from my face. I am not sure if they are sad tears or happy tears, but either way your story has released all of my emotions. You are a true super star. Your story has touched my heart like no other I have read before. The nicotine demon has so much of you that you can't stop even when you know that your life is on the line.

Well now that we are all here for the same thing ~ we will all show this nic demon he is a nasty as*hole monster and we WILL overcome him. We are stronger than he is and we will not allow him to kill us.

Your wife sounds to be a true angel from Heaven above! 157

You can do this Bulldog. Your wife will be the happiest woman, you will be the happiest man, and your children will have a daddy :D We are right here for you every single step of the way - hang in there ~ you have the power!


I am not surprised at your smoking through this.

It's been a hell of a lot to go through and so young!!

I think you had to deal with all that before you could go forward with the quit.

Now you are here I doubt you will ever go back to the dark side ;)

Well Done Bulldog and thank you so much for sharing.

Reckon a few tears have been and will continue to be shed over that post, inspiring a great many non smokers x x

~Buffy x x


Thanks for sharing your story Bulldog, it shows us again what a truly awful addiction this is.

People who are lucky enough never to have this addiction look down on us and can't understand how we can smoke through illnesses, those of us who are trying to beat this addiction understand!!!

Stay strong!;)


Dear Bulldog

I think you are the bravest guy I have ever come across. I have shed some tears I have to say - some in madness that this flaming stick can cause so much damage and some because the strength that you and your wife have shown is just awesome and makes us all feel so very humble.

You deserve the very best in your life now and by quitting you have done just that.

I think you and your family are extremely special and there is no doubt that your story will inspire so many others out there. Thank you so much for sharing your story and reminding us that quitting is the only choice.

Big Hugs Bulldog



Hi Bulldog,

Am glad you told your story. What a brave man you are. You are an inspiration for all of us. Be proud of the accomplishments you have made and the tragedy you have overcame! Keep up the good work. You are doing marvelous!


Bulldog, welcome, and the very best of luck with your quit. Stay strong

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxx


Hi Bulldog.. it's all been said already but i just wanted to add my support for your quit. You can do it, what you have been through already shows that you have great reserves of strength and will power.

So, we're all with you, shouting for you and ready to offer anything we can if you need it.

Best of luck, keep posting.:)


Hi Bulldog!

Just wanted to say I'm so proud of you for giving up smoking. I know how tough it is !!

Man you made me blart reading that post. We are all proud of you and know you can do it!

Well done.

Love you! xXx


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