No Smoking Day
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My reason to quit is because cost me to much

I been do the doctors and said I have to go to a stop smoking group I would if I was afraid a big group of people but my reason are because of the price going up and I what to be healthy for my wedding next year and there cancer in my family I what to have lest chance of me getting the c word and for my health and my kids I don't what them to grow up with out a mam so I what to stop smoking for them as well as me

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Hello 'Smoking' - or should that be...

Hello (again) 'Hpool123':rolleyes::eek::p


I do what to stop smoking and I mean this time


...'Smoking' is a curious name for someone who purports to want to stop the filthy habit.

Indeed Max, but then again Hpool123 was a curious member, which is why she got banned. Of course it's for the mods to decide, but I'd have thought banned means banned, not pi55 off for a few weeks and come back under a new user ID.


I really what to stop smoking I stop for 3days then I started again but this time I am going to stop I mean this time I promise I will tell the true


Well best of luck in your quit ,

the usage of the word mam, seen that before by a poster who got banned.

Strange but true


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