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My reasons for quitting


Hi all, I'm new here :)

I have thought about giving up for a long time, but never summoned the willpower to make a start. A few weeks ago my dad became ill( he doesn't smoke) and was diagnosed with lung cancer- which is very upsetting and worrying.

He has always disliked me smoking, something I've done for 25 years now, so now is the time to quit.

I owe it to my father, to my 4 children, as I have 3 teens and a small toddler.. with having a later baby I'd like to still be alive n kicking when he grows up and has children!

My kids have nagged me for years to give up- so i know they'll be supportive.

I have patches, and willpower, and hope that willpower won't desert me!

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Hello Minnieminxz,

First welcome to the forum and congratulations on yuor decision to quit. Ther will always be some one on this forum to advise and encourage you when you need it, You need to educate your self about nicotine addiction, the more you learn the easier it will be. There are a couple of links in my signature that should be of help. Well done and good luck.


Thank you :)

Hi Minnie

Well done on deciding to quit hun.

Post often and read as much as you can... and another great site will really help...i do believe that the key to a sucessful quit is to re educate yourself with regards to smoking and why we do it.

Im so sorry to hear about your dad my love but you will make him proud if you can kick this disgusting habit.

One of my reasons to quit was to be able to see my children grow up and also to be around to see their children.

Good luck hun.



hi minnie,so sorry to here about your dad,my heart goes out to you ,,a lot of people why smoke say,people why dont smoke get its all right for me to smoke,,,if you see were i am coming from,,,.and congrats on your quit well done you,,post on here any time you need any help,,there is allways some one here to give you advice,,so you just keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D


So sorry about your Dad hun Both my Mum & Dad had lung Cancer. we are hear if you need to talk Or rant. One of my reasons was to see my gran kids One ten in april and two due soon.xxxxx

Please can you think of him next Thursday?

He goes in Weds night and has his operation on Thursday to remove half his lung, they are also removing his lymph nodes while they do a biopsy while he is under anesthetic.

Am very very worried, and I'm hoping i can stay strong and not let the crave beat me next week when i am worrying about him!

I 'll also have to help support my sister, as she has severe depression, and i'll need to support my mum and her tough being the eldest sibling eh!!!)

Thank you XXXX

That sounds like a lot to have to deal with so early on in your quite and you know what..... you WILL be strong and you will be able to handle it all just fine.... cause the cigarette has NO SPECIAL QUALITIES that will make the situation any easier for you. I am telling this to myself every day mind you..... this has not been the funnest time for me either BUT there is a nicodemon inside us ready to tell us lies and we must not listen..... truly you WILL be fine. I am so very sorry about your Dad..... best wishes and you take care of yourself and your own. Love, bellablue

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