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My reason for quitting


I had major abdominal surgery in June 08...because i had a large cut my cat couldn't sleep on my tum anymore, she took up residence on a nightly basis on my midriff or chest :rolleyes:

I woke up a few weeks ago and told my other half to shift the cat cos the cat was making it hard for me to breathe. He told me she wasn't on my chest!

It really made me realise what smoking was doing to me and the effect it was having on my breathing.....

I had the breath carbon test at the docs on the 17th Oct and it read 48...the average for a non smoker is 5 or under. I went back to the docs 20th Oct and my reading was chest feels great and breathing is so much easier....

That's why i quit :)


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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done VF you are doing great.

It must have been quite a shock that, great to hear you are feeling the benefits already.



I guess it was the reality check i desperately needed to make's not easy but i'm getting there....i keep reminding myself that it wont always be this hard and it will pass...i did it before for 18 months so i can do it again....i remember saying at 16 months that i'd never smoke again...fatal mistake for me, i wont get complacant again lol....

Each time i'm tempted i just remind myself i'd just be undoing all my hard work over the last 8 days...and i really don't want to let myself down...


Ah-ha we meet at last .... vodka-fairy!

Congrats on your quit, that was a scary carbon reading there!

When I find myself thinking about cigarettes (and i do occasionally) I remind myself of my Day 7 back in March when I was actually reduced to tears because of my craving and I NEVER EVER want to go there again. It has spurred me on until I got this far and YOU will too. Just remember why you quit and life ain't so bad.

All the hairy chest (cue bad jokes from Nic etc), wonder when the white wine-fairy will pop up?


NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

All the hairy chest (cue bad jokes from Nic etc), wonder when the white wine-fairy will pop up?

No fun if John aint around to escalate it!

Not sure about wine fairy but I think there have several whine fairy's about :D

That's a great reason to quit and something to look back on and read if you feel any temptation, well done and good luck for the next week of your quit!

One of the best reasons I've read on here.

By the way, the carbon meter thingy... I set the alarm off the first time I took it (50+) and on Friday the reading was zero.

Thanks has helped being on here lots...

WKDfairy...ha ha yeah we meet at last..., thought mine was scarey was a good feeling to know it went down so fast eh!

The mornings are really difficult and things keep occurring that really make me want a fag...but i keep telling the beast within that if i have one it wont change things or make them any better.....i could do with a massive cigarette to thrash the hell out of lol....:D

Thank you for the's helping shedloads...

Jacqui x

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