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No Smoking Day
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I quit because of CANCER

I have HPV, a virus that makes women more suceptible to cervical cancer.

My aunt died of cervical cancer from the virus, which is preventable and treatable.

If she had just gone for her regular check-ups, she could've prevented her own death.

Now, another aunt is suffering from the exact same thing. The virus, cancer, and her own slow death.

Now I have cervical cancer on both sides of my family.

At 21, I hadn't had any checkups. I found out, and now I know.

I don't have cancerous or pre-cancerous cells as of now, so I'm in the clear.

The virus almost always goes away on its own, fought off by the immune system. But, I smoked, and smoking is not good for the immune system.

She basically said, It won't go away as long as you keep smoking.

That's when it clicked for me. Choose to smoke and allow a virus to stay in my body that may cause cancer (not to mention lung cancer from smoking itself).....or choose to quit and let my immune system strengthen and rid the virus.

The decision was a no brainer. If I continued smoking, I'd be forbidding my body to getting better, and let a virus roost that may kill me.

I'd have to be an idiot to not quit.

For women with this common virus, smoking one cigarette is equivalent (as in, damaging) as smoking three.

Recent research shows that nicotine actually affects the cervical cells.

Also, women shouldn't smoke while on birth control. It can increase the risk of blood clots by 50%.

So, as a woman at high risk for cancer, I finally made the decision to quit.

I'm 22. I've been smoking regularly since I was 17 or 18 years old. On and off from 15-17 y/o. So, it's been a few years, and I finally grew up.

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Point taken thelittleone, good luck, we are here for you.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx


Good for you little one x x x x You need that attitude! such a blessing you have the strength and forsight at such a young age.

You will benefit so much by doing this earlier rather than later!!

Stay strong ~Buffy x x


Why I quit smoking

Why I quit smoking

I have been smoking off and on since my mid teens. I’m 41 now. I have quit at points, sometimes for quite a few months at a time. These quits have been more frequent in the last few years. I would say that I enjoyed smoking for the most part, except that in the last few months it has seemed more of a chore. I have also noticed my allergies have become worse and I had a constant cough.

I thought I’d quit when my Granddaughter was born back in March. I tried but couldn’t quite manage it. What got to me in the end was my dearly loved ‘other half’. He had given up smoking for nearly 2 years, but he was addicted to the nicotine gum. He started to smoke again largely because cigs were available. He has the most terrible ‘graveyard’ cough and looked quite ill right from the start. I realised I was encouraging him to be ill. His parents both died from smoking related diseases, his Mum was on oxygen 24/7, his cough and faintness was a sign to me he had inherited their problems. I was so worried for him I quit. I love him too much to see him suffer.


Maeagain, its good to stick together, hope he has given up again. Great news for you not smoking, stay strong.


xxxxx Pupalup xxxxxx:)


Yes he's quit, he's quit the gum too because he had stayed addicted to it before. He only smoked again for a couple of weeks, I felt so awful about it...he's worth it. Day 25 for us today.


Good for you and Mr Mae xx xx

Even if it is in his genes, you too are cutting the chances of you getting smoking related illness!!!

Guess you both did it for yourselves and each other, out of Love for each other. :)

x x x ~Buffy x x x


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