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i really need to quit!


i'm 31 and just found out someone i know died from lung cancer. She was only 59 and not a heavy smoker. i always considered myself as a light smoker but so did she. i quit for a yr and a half while i was pregnant and as soon as i stopped breast feeding and stress at work, i started up again. i feel awful and trapped. i keep telling myself as soon as my son starts to know what i do outside i'm gonna quit. after finding out the shocking news today while smoking my first ciggy with a cup of coffee, i realized i am done. i logged on to my computer google'd this site and decided i am not gonna take another puff. i am so done! the sad thing is the lady who died is expecting her first grandchild and will not be able to meet the little one. my heart just fell thinking that could be me and my son.

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hi there how sad about your news,maybe if you keep that in the back of your mind it may keep you off the ciggies,i only packed in 5 days ago but it was well overdue,im doing this for my children,the youngest is two and i want to see him grow up,its still early days but ive really got to do this,i hope you try and quit,cold turkey very brave i couldnt do that,i would prob last a couple of hours and then be lighting up,going on this site gives you encouragement and keeps your hands busy!!:)

thanks for your response kayla. :) as a mother i totally understand where you're coming from. i need to do this not only for myself but also for my son. I'll see how i feel tomorrow.:o

Hi SH4myson,

Welcome to the forum! What a wonderful Mommy you are. You can do this. I am very sorry to hear of the terrible news and it's sad that it had to happen at such a young age. You're doing the right thing and we are here for you. Good Luck!

Hi SH4myson,

I haven't been in this forum for very long, but I can tell you that it's hard to find a more supportive group.

There's no silver bullet IMHO, but the cool thing is that everyone shares their experience, tips and tricks and motivations and it's soooo much easier this way than all alone...

I wish you all the best!

I know this sounds harsh but sometimes you need a bit of reality to help to gain perspective and goals with your new journey. I had the reality when i begun my quit, and i'm a solid month in, and despite a slip a few days ago, i won't let Nic back in to my world.

I'm sorry for your news, it is awful to hear. :( As Boudee has said, you need to plan it out a little bit before you jump in. Try smoking cessation groups, or speak to your GP. It doesn't matter how you tackle it though or what method you use, the important thing is never taking another puff. Good luck :)

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