Day 36

Good Morning to you all

Another smokefree day gone, is it me or are the days going quicker.

Another day up the gym had a good workout this morning, having a half day today so will be finishing at 11 and going to pick my daughter up from the train station and do a bit of shopping.

i am on leave next week having some days out with my daughter, so probably wont be posting for a few days. i hope everyone stays strong and have a good smokefree weekend.

3 Replies

  • Morning to you shellfishb5:)

    We are on day 34 just 2 behind you:)

    As you say the the days do come and go, gets eaiser but the nic demon is still there waiting to pounce. Never drop your guard:eek:

    Well done to you. :)

  • Morning Andy x x

    Well done on reaching another week end :D cool huh?

    Enjoy shopping but don't let the teen princess spend all of your hard saved non smoking cash :p buy something for yourself too x x

    Have loadsa fun with your daughter, it's going to be sunny and all lovely now :D

    ~Buffy x x

  • hiya

    hope you have some FUNtastic days ! stay smoke free. :)

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