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Day 36, can't quite believe it!


Well, I have to say that 36 days ago I could never have imagined that I would have got this far without so much as a puff on a cigarette!

I just wanted to say thanks to you all for your support as reading your posts and getting support from you all have really kept me going!

Here's to the next 36 days :)


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Hi Hel :D

36 days that's great well done Big Hug


Marg xx

Hel, that is fantastic 36 days, that seems to have gone really quickly :D

You keep posting and reading all the way to the penthouse.

Hey there ,

I am also on day 36. Contrats... :D

Im on patches at the moment and come off them in 3 weeks and am now getting really nervous..

I hope I can stay quit without them :S

Good luck.. and well done.

I have not smoked for 1 Month, 4 Days, 20 hours, 41 minutes and 43 seconds (35 days). I have saved £124.58 by not smoking 430 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Day, 11 hours and 50 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 03/01/2010 18:20

Hi Hel,

Many congratulations on reaching day 36, very proud of you hun.

Here's to your next 36 days.


Well done you! Good luck with the next 36!

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