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Day 36 after a vacation


:eek:Made it.... thank goodness.

Was just on a 3 days vacation/trip to a nearby country, hot weather, regular stop points, long bus rides, lots of smokers.. and tons of triggers. But I made it without smoking. :D

Vacations always give me the jibbers, as I used to worry about whether I've my lighters/fags, when's the next stop point where I can fag, do I stink like the chimney when I get back on the air-conditioned bus, am I the last person delaying the entire truckload of people, where's the nearest shop when I run out of fags, having to steal time away to fag, under the hot sun, rain or whatever's the weather, am I fagging too much for my OH... just a series of nonsensical worries like these....

I don't know how the next trip will be like, all I know is I made it, this trip, and its just 1 less association with nicodemon, 1 more thread snipped in 2, and I truly, desperately believe that if I keep snipping, all these re-associations will be erased, and I can let my brain make new ones. New associations totally not related to fags.

To be honest, month 2 is better than month 1, and even in month 1, week 4 is better than week 1. So if this pattern continues, month 3 should be just a tad easier, I hope !

Month 2, for me, is still wobbly, and i have to constantly remind myself, that I am at war, there are many people rooting for me, depending on me, and I owe it to myself to reverse 25 years of damage smoking had done to my body.

And I put on 2kg :eek::eek: :D:D !

Find it hard to differentiate cravings from hunger. :D

I don't care... its month 2, 1 thing @ a time, poor multi-tasker.

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Didn't you do well my lovely yes it just gets better and better, sounds like you have the motivation and right mind set to just keep going.

Doing a fantastic job, and look forward to your future up dates.

Happy no smoking to day, brilliant:)

Oh well done Edge! You're a star. :D

You're quite right to remind yourself that you're still at war (what a wonderful way of putting it!) but you're also quite right in saying that it gets better and easier with every week that passes. Every trigger point you take on and wrestle to the floor is a trigger point you'll never have to take on again and your arsenal gets stronger with every skirmish.

Good on you mate- you're doing brilliantly! :)

Well done Edged, holidays should really improve as a non smoker due to all the (obsessive smoker:D) reasons you listed. Kind of like freedom to not have to worry about all that.

You got through the first one without caving, that's the main thing. Re weight I'm not even getting on the scales - though my clothing is doing a pretty good job of telling me I have gained weight anyway:(

You sound positive which is a great thing:)

We'll done edged! That's one more trigger crossed off the list!!

I used to be exactly the same with vacations, planning strategically around fag supplies & breaks......truly horrible


Well done Edge as you said, that's another trigger you have proven you can overcome (and a big one too) so I'm mentally patting you on the back.

Where did you go on vacation? I see your in Singapore did you go to Malaysia? x

Yep was in Malaysia.

There was a big screw up with the bus schedule and I was kinda stressed out as there was no transportation for about 5 of us. Previously I would have been puffing away but it seems don't have that urge. Sitting down , emergencies must be very few so I guess association is not that strong yet and I was able to pull through :D

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Nice one, the weight can wait!

You'll have more energy to shift it and its a lot less of an issue than smoking anyway.

You are quite correct that it gets progressively more straightforward to resists the urges as time goes along and those urges become fewer and fewer. Be aware that there can be the occasional "tough" patch even after several months but they reall just go to show how ingrained in our lifestyles smoking once was.

Keep on keeping one :cool:

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