No Smoking Day

having a bad day

hello everyone

today has been awful! im on day 14 and up until now i have felt pretty much ok. the day started out bad right from when i first opened my eyes up this morning and looked at the clock to find that my 5 year old had dragged me out of bed at 6.45am. im used to getting up at 6am on school days and it doesnt worry me because i know that after 3 hours of getting the boys feed washed dressed and off to school, i can then relax or go back to bed etc...

well that just aint gonna be happening at the weekend, my 5 year old has been moaning and whinning all day for me to do this, do that (one of them days) and getting up so early just left me feeling really tired and knowing i was gonna be having a very long long day. the weather being hot dont help me at all either, its nice to be having some great weather but for some reason i always associate enjoying it with a smoke??? dont know why. im sooooo worried,what with the summer holidays coming up and the hot weather:eek: well thats enough of my complaining i must get my boys ready for bed now. :(

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Destiny, I feel for you:( . I've got a 5 year old who's also an early riser- why can't she be a lazy-bum like her mum?:confused:

I think you would have had a crappy day whether you'd smoked or not, and the fact you didn't reach for a fag means you did really, really well.

Onwards and upwards:)


Boudee is so right....the best part about stopping has been my 16 year old who has bad learning difficulties telling me how proud she is of me...

I'd make an offer on the kids but you'd have to keep the hubby...I've enough trouble with the one I've got...:D

Stay strong...x


Well done destiny, you hung tough and will continue to do so because you are a star! x x x x

And another piece of info, two of mine were early risers (5am) , with my youngest i found out about hunger pangs, the theory is that if you feed them early, they get hungry early! she used to get up at 5am, i was advised not to feed her before 8am. I adhered to this rule and by day 3 she was waking at 7:30!

Bloody god send that was!


ooo thanks buffy, I'll try that!


thanks everyone

thanks for that advice buffy, brekkie no earlier than 8 from now on!


:D good luck nelly n destiny x x x x


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