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Day 8 and its still bad!!


Hi Everyone, stumbled across this forum after surfing the net to find why I feel so bad after 8 smoke free days!!!

I quit cold turkey and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I have tried everything from patches to zyban but always failed! This time I just quit and it was ok for the first 5 days then it hit me like a truck!! Everyday for the last 3 days has been really really bad and I don't understand why. Please tell me it WILL get better, I have been going to bed at around 7pm because I just wanted to be out of it.


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Hello markyboi and welcome x x x x


:D seriously this is kinda tough x x

It won't be for long, you have done so well already!! 1 week gone!

Theres nothing wrong with early nights and it won't be for long.

You could try and use nicotine gum or see your doc and tell them how well you have done but it aint too easy!

Find something to occupy your time, don't drive yourself mad, if a crave hits leave the situation you are in and go for a walk or read a book or whatever you enjoy doing.

Think of times you find easier and go and do that!

We are here for you 100% x x

Stay strong and keep posting x x

~Buffy x x

Thanks Buffy, I suffer from Bi-Polar Depression and take lithium to keep me stable, the Doctors are very reluctant to give me anything(expecially champix)!! I don't want to give into gum/patches cos I don't want the nicotine. I guess I just have to work through it day by day, I actually enjoy being at work now because I am too busy to think about smoking and the day passes really quickly. Its evening and weekends that are the worse. I am going to the shop in a mo to get some lollipops, apparently they help??

Yes lol as lady boudee says!

Ohh how to say this like a lady :confused:

Popping things in your mouth helps no end!!


~Buffy x x x x

Hi mark and WELCOME.yeah Lollipops are good for the oral gratification bit (god that sounds sooooo rude!!!),also try cutting up drinking straws into 'cig-size' pieces. Stay strong sweets.

Mark you should be really proud of yourself for not smoking for 8 days.


You can beat this, i am sure.

omg thats what my hubby said to me :eek: :D


Your signature proves that the advice works ;)


500 Well done Markyboi!!!!!! 8 WHOLE DAYS IS WONDERFUL! 1 week down and over and now into week number 2...great job! Day 8 is a bitch - ewww I hated day 8 and 9. Once you are over that hump you will see it gets easier. Hang on my friend - you will feel better soon!

Now for my Bou and my Buffs - Hubby says that he has the cure for all hem - sore throat, cancor sores, ciggie crave, tooth ache, sore tummy, head ache, itchy eye, sore foot, sore legs, sore arms, feeling happy, feeling blue, dizzy....EVERYTHING!! If only that were the truth!! LMAO! I believed for the first 10 times and then learned - he is having me on :rolleyes: :eek: Men will be men! ;)

Buffy I think your signature is more accurate! Hmmm....

Anyway - did someone say lollipops :confused:

omg so I have him to thank for my quit?? :eek:

I know what he will say on how i should thank him :D

Hehehhe Lucky boy!

Hey Mark - well done on making it past one week - thats excellent!!!!!

Come back, visit often and let us know how u r getting on!:D

im not trying to discourage you, but thats exactly why i caved... besides the fact that my friend and her family chain smoke and i was over at her place today...

it's just really really hard and i got really upset...

i am on day four. and i thought wow... how much more of this fighting am i going to have to go through!

so i thought all f it.

Hi all

Thanks for your messages of supprt, Saturday was really bad but no here I am on day 10 and not had any cravings whatsoever!!!! I have had moments when I thought I would like a ciggy but not an OMG must have one craving!

So, am I over the worst or am I being lulled into a false sense of security?

M x

I'd say a little bit of both :D This addiction is too evil for allowing ourselves to feel too safe too early in the quit, so I'd say you are over the worst but do stay very focused and watch out, because "over the worst" is the part where you are in danger of easily slipping due to a false sense of security. Stay strong marky I think you're doing great ;)

Thanks for the advice and support, today was a really good day, I didn't think about smoking until I was coming out of the supermarket this evening and passed a smoker. OMG!! they really did stink!! It made me even more determined to see it through

lol we all smelt like that at one point

lol we all smelt like that at one point

I know! I think the first time I realised that, I hung my head in shame :o

Marching through positively Mark :D

Good on you x x

~Buffy x x

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