Having a bad day and this site is confusing me

So this is what happens to me every quit just before I reach the month mark I get the voice in my head. I fly thru at the beginning of my quit and then Bam it starts. No rhyme or reason. I have fought all day and survived although I had a couple of puffs on my zero nicotine ecig. Was disgusting. Keeping busy doing all the things Im suppose to do.

Secondly while looking for tips I seem to have another forum on my feed quit support. Seems to have different people on it. Are you one of the same or am I going mad

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  • Hey, firstly I'm sorry it's been a rough go. I'm a little over a month and I almost picked up my no nic cig too. I decided not to, but that's irrelevant. What's going on in your head? Is it bargaining? Is it "reward" driven thoughts? What angle is the addiction pulling you from and remind yourself to fight back with the exact reasons you quit. It's so easy for you and I to forget why we quit because we've gotten along so far and yet the habit hasn't completely been broken with new milestones to reach- namely as Roisin pointed out- the holidays and NYE while quit. Anyhow good that you're here. Oh, and if you see a post from me it's supposed to be for the C25k community and it says it's linked there but for some reason is showing up in my feed along with this community. Hope it's not a terrible bother. Sorry. I'm mostly on my phone as it's my hand habit now and I'm still trying to navigate this community.

  • Must be the weather lol. Maybe reality kicks in, that this is it and I start to panic. Which is so stupid as I want to be free of this addiction. At first its exciting quitting and you feel proud. Then its like oh you have done the hard work now what.

    Im being silly and I know it. I need to not give it any air time in my head. Thank you for listening and understanding me. No its not you its another no smoking forum x

  • You're absolutely right, all the hard work and you're waiting for something, but what? It's not exactly tangible but it's a better state of health. Laura, it feels lonely but you're not necessarily alone. Thank you for getting on here and opening up.

  • Well said. What we are waiting for is not tangible.

    Knowledge really is power. I finally started coughing & am happy to know it's cilia regrowing. Was afraid id killed them.

  • I like "not give it any air time in my head". Excellent perspective! May i borrow it?

  • What is NYE? As am almost at 12 weeks (12/23) am experiencing this! Thankfully kept on chantix every other day...just in case. Rolled

    Car window down to get some smoke smell from smoker in car next to me! Madness???

  • Oh, also forgot to say that it's really great that you came here to share it instead of going back. You pushed trough the day and you came here- please don't forget to see the win in that. You're still doing wonderfully even if you feel terrible for a bits. Hoping it eases up.

  • Hey laura6 - sorry to read but I am confident that you will power on through this tough day - you know what you have to do, perhaps an early night will do the trick - is there anything usual with today that may have triggered it but think it may be the 'Icky Threes' as you are 3 weeks today (see below pinned posts worth a read)



    With regards 'Quit Support' community, this is not connected or related to our community 'No Smoking Day' other than helping and support people in their smoke free journeys. You must have hit follow (joined) the community unintentionally. If you want to remove it from your communities list, go into it and hit 'Unfollow'. This should avoid confusion :)

    Post anytime and stay strong :)

  • I will fight Im not gonna keep torturing myself. I have got past 6 weeks once only. That is my next goal. Thanks for your support and all your tips. You are a little star being here helping us newbies. I have probably hit something then, silly fat fingers. I use my phone. Maybe Im getting excited cause Santas coming soon 😂😂

  • I did the same😳Oops. Comgrats on 3weeks! You can do this. Roison really does help. Am almost to months this time. Never made it past 5 days quit in 35 years before now.

  • How is things today laura6 ?l

  • Better at the mo. However I am feeling an anger boiling up. All because hubby is sitting in my chair. In my eyes he is doing it on purpose he never sits on that chair. So Iv huffed and moved to the other room. Going Docs in a mo on going problem with my back and the specialist thinks there is something wrong with my knee. So need a referal to see a knee doc. Happy note my daughter and grandson are coming today till Monday. She smokes and started champix yesterday so have to set example to her

  • Sorry laura6, I know exactly how you're feeling (and it isnt nice) but I had to laugh at the plight of your poor hubby. If I was him I would move chairs.

    I think that's one of the hardest things to deal with when you quit - the seemingly random good/bad days that you get. If it all went in a straight, predictable line it would be a hell of a lot easier to copel with. I hope the feeling lifts soon.

  • Oh man I nearly thumped him. Still dont know why he did it haha poor sod. Im so mean to him. I would rather find it harder at the beginning like normal people not when it should get easier. I do feel stronger today so thats a plus. Got to have a xray on my knee and ankle and wait for a mri on my back. Im falling apart. My brain is like a 30 year old Im as mad as a box of frogs but my body is like Im 80

  • Glad things are a bit better for you today. Wishing you all the best with your x-rays and that, hope you get sorted soon (ya will be a new woman in the New Year!!).

    Please remember that is perfectly normal to have these bad days and the feelings of anxiety and anger, especially with our other halves, but they know we love them :) Be kind to yourself, lots of deep breathing, water and pampering, it is a very rough and tough stage in your journey but I promise it will get better and you WILL have far more good days then bad ones...

  • I hate those MRI scans. They’re so noisy! Hope they get it all sorted.

  • No you're not mad. Roison just showed me my same error. One was called Quit help or support, i think. I thought it was a second page to this one bc it came up when i was on here. They are not connected so not sure why it came up on my under tips either.

    Somethings that really helped me were "smoking" a srinking straw cut to cig size and drinking water til craving was gone. Honestly dont think we realize dehydration easily and so many toxins need to be washed out anyway so drink drink drink water. I also pretend smoked that straw as long as i wanted... Still do if i feel like it. It causes deep breathing exercises at best & keeps me from feeling deprived, though I don't much anymore. Keep on keeping on first weeks are rough but you've got through this one so iy WILL get easier. You just make it through each trigger and the same one won't bother you as much once you've conquered it. Many firsts ahead to be proud of. Be proud of the ones you've already overcome. Well done on your week!

  • Glad Im not the only one who got confused lol. Thanks for the advice Im taking it all on board. Feel much better today. Im 26 days quit. I dont know why my badge still says 1 week lol. That confuses me too

  • Your next badge is at 1 month, only a few days away now 📆

  • Oh you little tease. You make us work hard for our badges 😊😊

  • Like to keep ye on your toes and motivated :)

  • They have set days to change badges. Not sure what they are as ive gotten confused with other sites weeks badges.

  • I laura6

    I think some are on two sites,both here just different place,you need the support and advise here and if your on two sites,its all good.

    take care 😊

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