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Starting week six again

Hi everyone I have got to get back on track now I am back from my holiday, although I did lots of walking I know I also gave in to my vices of the wine and not always choosing the right foods especially late at night. I met my friend last night as always on a Tuesday and she has now joined up so together I hope we can encourage each other. I am going to continue to walk as much as I can and look up the tips and recipes that everyone puts on the forum. As you know I won't be able to weigh in until Monday as I have no scales but fingers crossed it will not be too bad. Good luck everyone and have a lovely day today.😊

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Welcome back Kim, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your holiday :)

How terrific to have your friend to share your journey with you, that will make things a lot easier, because you'll be able to encourage and challenge each other :)

Good luck on the scales on Monday :)

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Thankyou moreless I hope so too. I hope you had a great Easter and enjoyed the lovely weather you had here. I was really cold yestaday but today feels really springlike enjoy the rest of the day 😊

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