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Neutralising Antibodies +


I have recently taken the ‘Testing for All’ Covid -19 antibody test. This is to see if I have developed antibodies from the vaccine to the ‘spike protein.’ I had the AstraZeneca vaccine.

As promised, I said I would post the results. Anything above 0.8 is a positive for anti-SARS-CoV-2-S antibodies. I’m astounded to see my results are 2239.00U/mL.

To Judy in particular, I have not done my husband’s test yet due to the additional time it mentions on the site for people on immunosuppressive medication. I hope you can get some advice/reassurance from your healthcare professionals. T cell activation is important too, and this apparently can’t be measured.


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Blimey Mary!! So, you are well protected, well done. What dose of Hydroxicarbamide are you on? How long does your husband have to wait! I’m quite interested in his result. Maybe I done mine too soon?Judy xx

Hi Mary that’s amazing, myself and my husband are going to do the antibodies tests each month with the ONS and Oxford University we already do the Covid monthly test with them, and all so far have been fine, we have both had our two jabs myself the AZ and my husband Pfizer, so it will be great if we get such good results as yourself.Jean

mhos61 in reply to Superwoman

Hi Jean, you’ll have to let us know the results of how that goes.

Yeah, I’m shocked! I will still apply plenty of caution for the foreseeable though.

I’m on a relatively low dose of hydroxy, daily 500mg Monday to Friday, weekends free. I have no idea if this makes me immunocompromised, but suspect not.

I’ll let you know my husband’s results. It says six weeks after vaccine for the immunocompromised or people on immunosuppressant medication, so around another two weeks for him. I wouldn’t have known this, but double checked after your post.

That’s great and reassuring, can I ask hve you had covid? Xx

mhos61 in reply to Trocken

No, not had Covid!

Trocken in reply to mhos61

That’s even more reassuring! Thank you for sharing xx

mhos61 in reply to Trocken

Yes, I can see why you asked that question.

Hey Mary that's a great result , , thanks for sharing though I've now got antibody envy 😃Chris x

mhos61 in reply to JediReject

Yeah Chris, still pleasantly gobsmacked.

I wouldn’t normally fork out this type of money on such things, but felt I needed a bit of extra confidence, probably related to my hubby’s immunocompromised status and caring for my elderly Mum. Hubby’s results will be interesting.


That is promising news. My husband has MF and we took both shots of Pfizer. We were reluctant to take the antibody test. In some way we just wanted to feel good for a little while. 18 days after we took a home test. My result came back positive. My husbands showed a tiny tiny line. We were very disappointed. Now reading your post I feel better. Maybe it just takes longer. In a week or so we will get one done at a lab. Fingers crossed!! Thank you and congrats. We have antibody envie too😃

mhos61 in reply to Ticotopia

Good luck.

My hubby has RA and is on steroids and other immunosuppressive medication, so I’m quite concerned to see what his results will show in a couple of weeks.

Paul123456 in reply to Ticotopia

Did you do the vaccine specific test? There is some confusion between those tests for antibodies generated by infection and those tests for vaccine response

That’s great news and an amazing response. I’m was 200u/ml at last test. My first test at 20 days was a miserable 2.1 u/ml. Definitely takes time to build up - I was OZ.One of my Hems is involved in the Oxford study, he said 50 u/ml is a good level of protection. Also said that MPNs are averaging 80 u/ml so far after one jab but this is a moving feast since immunity building up all the time and that second jab made a massive difference for me.

Trocken in reply to Paul123456

It’s all feeling a lot more positive and reassuring, a huge thanks to everyone for sharing their results and experiences xxx

mhos61 in reply to Paul123456

This test was taken exactly 21 days post second vaccine.I’m impressed with my results, wondering how long immunity lasts now🙄

I hope for the best and I am certain even if there are no loads of antibodies there will be some benefit to vaccine. At least we tried. Wishing you good luck!!!

I’ve got my ‘Testing for All’ Covid vaccine antibody results back and like Mary I have got a great result (>2500u/ml). I took the test 4 1/2 weeks after my second Pfizer jab. I have PV and take hydroxycarbamide, 500mg x 5 days, 1000mg x 2. I haven’t had Covid.

I think I will begin to go out into the big wide world with a little bit of confidence now. It’s a scary thought!


mhos61 in reply to Pauline43

That’s great news Pauline, even better than mine.

piggie50 in reply to Pauline43

That’s really good news for you Pauline. I am on the same dose of Hydroxicarbamide as you, but I also take Methotrexate for RA. I wonder if this affected my result? I guess I’ll never know, unless I do another one. 🤔

Pauline43 in reply to piggie50

I think it might have affected your result as methotrexate is described as an immunosuppressant. I guess it depends on the amount of methotrexate you have been prescribed. Will you take the test again, 6 weeks after your second jab? I do hope you have grown some antibodies by then! I would happily share some of mine!


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