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High blood pressure

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with Polycythaemia a year ago. I was initially treated with Asprin, followed by venesection . Three months ago I started Hydroxycarbamide 500 mg daily and Allopurinol 300mg. I had four venesections in total, before the consultant stopped them and increased the dose of Hydroxy to 1000mg mon,wed,fri, and 500mg the remaining days. In the last fortnight it has been increased to 1000mg x 4days and 300mgx 3days.

My blood pressure was monitored before and after each venesection and prior to having monthly blood tests where it was always within normal limits. During my latest visit to my GP surgery It was found to be high and when checked at the Haematology clinic a week ago it remains high . My consultant does not feel this is related to the meds which he has prescribed, yet there has been no other changes to other medication which I take .

I do note that, although not very common, Allopurinol has been found to cause high blood pressure, 1 in 10,000 cases.

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this sudden onset Hypertension.



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My blood pressure was sky high at the last appointment. I bought a home kit to monitor and it gradually came back to normal levels over the period of about a month. I think stress was to blame. I’m not on any medication other than aspirin. Might be worth checking it a couple more times over a few weeks?


Hi I've got pv just on aspirin and venesections for now and my blood pressure readings were high (but I didn't have high blood pressure symptoms) so my gp arranged a 24 hr monitor and it turns out that my blood pressure is normal and I have what they call "white coat syndrome" (on some level drs must freak me out so even though i think I'm ok my body goes into stress/flight mode!). Maybe get yours checked again at home or by friendly nurse/gp (or get monitor for 24 hrs, pain to use but was reassured by readings. Funny thing was nurse said oh what happened 5pm yesterday when she was analysing my results and i said oh was cooking dinner kids were playing up so i roared from kitchen at them - there was an upward temporary spike then lol). Best of luck


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