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Has anyone had the experience of their blood pressure rising after an ET diagnosis (not immediately after - I think all of us had a slight increase in blood pressure at the time of diagnosis!)

Specifically, my systolic number has increased to levels associated with stage 1 hypertension, but my diastolic numbers remain normal. As I understand it, the systolic number indicates the pressure from the actual beating of the heart and the diastolic is the pressure when the heart relaxes. I just wondered if the systolic is higher because my heart is working harder pushing this sludge through my system (my platelets were 959 at last count).

I work out daily and eat well, and it's really frustrating to not see that effort reflected in my blood pressure!

Just curious...

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  • Hi Jason,

    I have always had low blood pressure- but for the last couple of years the systolic pressure increased to an average125/130 (high for me). The diastolic pressure remains the same however, around 70. I associated this with age. The funny thing is, since I have been on hydroxycarbamide and aspirin, the systolic reading is anything between 105/120. I have a memory in my blood pressure monitor and have looked back at 'older' readings and the evidence stacks up. I discussed this with my husband only this week, and I came to the same conclusion as heart hasn't got to work as hard to pump the blood around due to it being thinned out presumably. I cannot believe you have noticed the same thing? I wonder if anyone else has noticed similar.


  • I forgot to ask are you on any medication?

  • Thanks for the response, Mary! I'm only on aspirin right now and haven't had a blood test since I started to know how it's working. It will be interesting to find out!

  • Hi you are correct with your analysis of your BP. I have ET and only on aspirin to. My BP is generally lowish approx 110/70. Does flutulate between 100-120 systolic. Not sure what you mean with stage 1 hypertension? What is your BP now? I haven't notice any change in my BP since my diagnosis last year. You are correct also, a nice low BP is good for your heart, meaning it does not have to work so hard to pump our blood around our body. You are doing great with diet and exercise!!☺Lyn

  • Hi Lyn - thank you! My last bp reading was 142/79. I've never had issues with the top number, until recently (coinciding with the increase in platelets over the last few years). I'm hopeful that it will come down in time and that it's not just my age!!

  • Hi Jason,

    Hope you're ok. Just hearing the terrible news in downtown Dallas. Thoughts are with you.


  • All is well where I am, Mary. Thank you. I was about 5 minutes from all of that last night. Helicopters circling and whatnot. What's our world coming to?

  • HI jason my blood pressure was always good then suddenly it went to 169/90, it kept going up and down for about four months. Now its 128/75 , they told me to drink plenty of water.

  • Trying to do that as well... ugh, sometimes I feel like I'm drowning!

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