Repeat blood results !

Hi All just to say , i had repeated blood test after fbc came back with blood infection , so was asked to repeat by Gp B12 Ferritin and folate acid , well i got results last night all normal , no action required . Good news im thinking , but still doesnt explain all my brusing ,now on wrist and platelets are not too low ,so its not that , I go for my next heam app july 12 th so have to do blood test routinly before then anyway i also been getting the odd nose bleed , all since i changed from 75 mg asprin to 75 mg clopidrell ,so now wondering if asprin be less strong and no brusing ! best wishes to you all ,hope you have sunshine where ever you are in uk Holly x

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  • Hi

    Not saying this is definately the case but I understood we may bruise easier or be at risk of bleeding even if platelet counts are normal or high because event though we have enough they arent as efficent as they would be in a 'normal' (not the right work but you know what i mean) person.

    May not be the case for you, but I bruise really easily aswell (have PV), have normal platelet counts though, but it does seem a logical explanation.


  • Hi Paul , thanks for reply , yes i see what you mean , i know my platelets are large , i wonder at times whether i have pv and not ET , my Gp thought it would be pv , before she reffered me to hospital ! is there a specif test to be done to find out. i had test to confirm jak 2 in early days ! hooe things are okay with you Hollly

  • That's great news holly. Long may it continue for you. Best wishes lainy xx

  • Thanks Lainy , bless you , take care xx

  • Great news Holly ,all ok second test. I asked my nurse who comes to do my blood each month when I was worried about mine, she is very experienced blood wise,all three of the team who come to me are ,and over the 7yrs are more like friends,so we talk openly.She said that often,the tests are not absolutely correct,for reasons various....therefore Drs don't worry until further tests are done.Really pleased that all is well for you,it is a panic tho isn't it when odd results show up. So enjoy the good weather! Here we have struggled in temps of 30- 35 for ages and high humidity.....have to stay in with shutters closed and fans on everywhere,only time to go outside is 6-30 to 9-30 ish....!!!!!dogs too laid inside,nights not much better,longing for rain!!!! Very Best to you, Sally

  • Hi Sally , thank you yes your right . it does seem for all of us we are kind of living from one blood test to the next eh .. Gosh its hot where you are , i cant cope in hot weather , never have been really .. and trying to sleep at night is bad , im glad i sleep alone haha . yes im indoors with curtains pulled and fans on , also im not going to be cooking a roast today no way ! i Love to see sunny days of course but 70 is my limit here in Kent ! llike your dogs my cats lay indoors on cold kitchen floor,all the best to you too, its great you have a good team of heams by the way 👍x

  • Hi Holly

    Really pleased for you about that result .

    I asked my heam about this as I too bruise and he gave me the same answer as Paul it's not about the number of platelets but about how they are working .

    Hope you get an answer at your next appointment xx

  • Hi Helen , hope your doing okay .. yes i know my platelets are big so you and Paul are spot on in thats its not just the numbers that count ! coping in this heat is a challenge to us all as well eh . sat in garden sat under big tree sun hat on and dark glasses, look liked i didnt want to be reconised !! haha , you take care my friend and glad your back in touch with us all and on fb best wishes Holly x

  • Hi Holly,

    Absolutely delighted that your blood tests came back normal, must be such a relief for you. As for the bruising, I have had bruising and nose bleeds before starting Clopidogrel (never on aspirin as I am allergic) and both got worse after starting it even though my platelets are high. The haem., told me it is all part of ET as even when at normal levels sometimes platelets do not fucntion normally.

    All the best to you and hopefully you will find out more at your appointment.


  • Thank you Susie yes your right , hope you keep well , and are coping with hot weather and meds take care Holly x

  • I can tell you I do bruise on my hands and I have asked and they just said it was the aspirin, my husband does not have ET and he bruises badly he is also on aspirin and fish oil and if he takes an advil then his whole arm is bruised. I don't think they really know?

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