Causes of blood infections?

Hi my friends saw Gp Friday because of bruises and did full blood count , just had phone call from gp ,to say i need to repeat blood test B12 & Folic acid , i have blood i fection ! to say im worried is an understatement .. more so because i dont know what reason coukd be , the only thing thats changed since hosipal test is that im now taking clopidrel instead of asprin !! regards Holly 😞

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  • Oh Holly that's all you need

    It's always a worry when something new crops up .

    Hope it's an infection that can be easily sorted .


  • Hi Helen , thank you for replying ,i know you have your own worries at present, yea hope its just another blip , hope your keeping upbeat re your bloods best wishes H xxx

  • Hi Holly, sorry to hear that your anxious. Did your GP specify what type of blood infection?

  • Hi no she didnt , only that not to worry and redo blood test

  • Hi, I am so sorry you are going through this, you have had a run of it, hope you can get this treated quickly. But really, just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and I wish you well, and a speedy recovery.


  • Aww bless you ,thank you Susieq , guess we all get these blips from time to time take care Holly x

  • Hi Holly, you just seem to have had a run of blips...I just think you are amazing Holly, and I am sure you will be fine the GP will make sure of that.

    Mind yourself


    PS you posted here about lemons I now have lemon juice and slices of lemon in my water everyday and it does me the world of good. So thank you!

  • Hope the repeat blood test shows everything is ok Holly. Good luck.

    Karen x

  • Good luck Karen , hope all goes well Holly x

  • Hi I'm the same ET on Asprin and going for second blood test at GP tomorrow for possible under active Thyroid!! It started because I had a tingling sensation across my lips just like an injection waring off at the Dentist and he took bloods and checked me over!!? We still don't know what the numb/ tingling was it's gone away mostly but I feel it slightly!!? Who knows!!? I had just stopped seeing the haematologist too and told to have my bloods done at the GP and they would look at them on line. Hope you are fine.

    Kizzy xx

  • Hi holly, what an awful time you are having, hope repeat bloods are better. Did they put you on antibiotics for infection ?

    Best wishes lainy xx

  • Thank you everyone, im going to get blood test today , Ferritin , folacte and B12 done so then wait and see Holly 🙏 just wondered to ,if its HU that causes this to be low ? x

  • Hi Holly ,hope all turns out ok...last month I had a real scary result

  • Hi did you ! what with infection in your blood Sally ? hooe your okay now , all the best to you 💐

  • Sorry it disappeared,thought I was the way out! A repeat test this month and the scary things have put themselves right....we have such an up and down maladie and queer blood results sometimes,sure the H U is the culprit,but we need it don't we..Worry not things put themselves right usually Best to you X Sally

  • So sorry to hear you've got more worries. Sending you loads of E hugs and hope things get sorted out quickly. Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

  • Thank you Aime , yes waiting now for blood results i redone yesterday .. all the best to you Holly x

  • Hope all was well this time Holly.My problem was not infection when the problem arose.

  • Disappeared again,sorry,having a few problems with I pad as well! My platelets had dropped ,and stomacytes found and another thing that I cannot translate,H C T also 54,my Dr was baffled,got in touch with cut short,they decided to wait for my next monthly test...this time,the gremlins had gone ,HCT still high but down one point and platelets up a little ,out of danger ...just.My P V is not following a P V pattern,I think my Drs are not sure what is going on...An accidental small nip from my dog when we were playing with his ball,I was hospitalised immediately in case of blood infection.

  • Gone again,shall give up,Very best .Sally

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