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I'm gonna crack with my gp receptionist!!

Awful how the receptionist at notting hill medical practice in northernireland are treating me!! I'm fighting a losing battle with them they don't tell me anything until I ring and they refuse me my meds my diazapam and fortisip has been stopped no explanation just you no longer will be getting them and that's it no letter nothing , there attitude is disgusting towards me!!

I'm at my wits end with them now :(

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Isn't it the GP's job to discuss changes to your meds with you?


I agree with Suzie. It's not their decision but your GP's. I am not sure, but I don't think they are allowed to stop your meds just like that. Maybe you need to get advice from another GP or the Citizens Advice bureau if you have one near . Are you able to ccontact any mental health service near you?? Bloody receptionists can be a pain. Good luck. xx


Maybe its something to do with Northern Ireland. I'm so pissed of with my GPs surgery that after I go for my appointment on Thursday to get my monthly meds for Fibro & my ADs increased to the final doseage that on Friday I am moving to a Health Centre nearer to me.

I was at my CPN & she told me to call or pop in & see my Dr for a course of Diazipam to get me through the transition period of my change over in AD's. I rang & she told me if I had any problem to give the Dr her phone. number & she would tell Dr. I spoke to another bloody locum & he said he'd leave me out a script & to call & collect it. Do you know howmany tabs were in "the course" 10!!! I was livid.

I dont know how many times I've had to complain about the staff. My sleeping tablets where stopped just like that coz the locum I saw said if I did'nt stop taking them I could drop down dead. I lodged a cmplaint about him & received an apology phone call from one of the senior Drs but he did'nt renew the sleeping pills. It was the Physciatrist I was seeing who had put me on them but the locums & GP over ruled that. Roll on next Friday!!

I hope you get sorted out Annie. Sometimes its a nightmare to even get past the receptionist to see the Dr.

Good luck.

Jackie :) xx


I dont think your the only one, because my doctors would do the same thing. I told them and the gp, it is discusting that you communicate in this way, when Im sure!!! as a gp,, you would know the withdrawl from these drugs can be horrendous!!! and could cause fits!!! When you have calmed down speak to the practise manager,, suggesting another way of maybe calling the patient to see the doctor,,, not withdrawing medication until the doctor has spoken to the patient.!!!!! would be more appropreate. (on thier side)

Take care x


Hi thanks for the advice :) it's good to your stories.

I phoned down my cpn on Friday she said most people diazapam has been stopped, she's sent off a letter to my gp complaining about receptionist so hopefully will get a call from them next week

My gp is lovly and understands always helps me with scripts, referrals etc but it's actually getting to see her that's the problem as I swear that receptionist has s problem when I say my name :( thanks again for advice il keep you all updated xx


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