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I’ve lost all trust in my GP

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So I’m on 45mg of mirtazipine (maximum dose allowed) and have been for quite some time. I get my prescription on a weekly basis because overdose risk. Only problem being my GP surgery frequently forgets to send the electronic prescription to the pharmacy. This time though they’ve outdone themselves. I run out on the Friday and I’m supposed to pick it up on the Saturday. Wasn’t there. Surgery shut until Monday. Ring them up on Monday get told to fill in an online prescription request. Filled it in only to be told it’s a 72 hour wait for them to literally push a few buttons. This is also after my pharmacy has emailed them 6 times since Saturday. So at this moment in time I’ve been without my medication for 4 days, the anxiety, depression and everything else associated with BPD has come back with a vengeance.

To top it off I’m supposed to have a phone call with the surgery chemist today and somehow remain calm when the only thing I want to do is tell them exactly what they’ve done to me.

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If you are on a weekly script that can become a problem, can the chemist not owe you medications if the script is late arriving from the Surgery.

In my case my Wife looks after my medications and actually gets them from the chemist for me and on a daily basis makes up and gives my medications to me. She also visits my Doctor with me and discussess my needs. She also gets involved with the rise and fall of my daily dose, so my medications are taken on a varying dose so the taking of some of my scrip is dynamic and I take my drugs sometimes at different levels. I was shown this system by a Pain Clinic and it means I take what is needed when. I also use TENS Machines. In your case you only take AD DRUGS. Again, they are controlled by my Wife they are hidden from me. I go through extended periods when the drug is reduced, it means they are controlled and it mean I can reduce the dose and continue on a lower level.

I am now on a controlled reduced level of 50% of the original dose. I will be on AD for the rest of my life


Nope, I’m not allowed repeat prescriptions due to being a suicide risk so I’m literally at the mercy of the person at my GP surgery

I tried to take my Life about ten years ago, it was an experience I would prefer not to try again. So the attempt was not something I am not proud of. It made my relationship with my Wife very stressfull afterwards. There was that lack of trust, Your decision can effect family members for the rest of their lives, many will blaim themselves and that can prove to be a selfish act. The attitude of some doctors towards you may be surprising


hi can they not give you a script till it gets sorted.3 year ago on holiday I realised I went without my mirtazapine and went into a chemist and they gave me 4 for the days I was away.

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I did that - went away for a week and packed everything for everyone else but not my medications doh. Had to get an emergency appointment at the local gp surgery and got given enough medication just for the holiday.

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yeah all they done was just deduct 4 from the next script I think it was.

Hello Kenster,

Yes the borrowing of several tbs is quite common, I had problems with my medications when I had to change my Chemist earlier this year the new chemist was not sent a complete script as there was three chemists involved. It worked well although one of the meds was an Opiate then they are then more careful.. They need signatures.


Like you I am on weekly prescriptions due to risk of overdose and like you I have had trouble with the surgery authorizing new prescriptions. I am only allowed to deal with the surgery pharmacist if it is to do with medication for my mental health, so can totally relate to that as well.

I have managed to work it that I collect my prescription on a Monday but do not start the new prescription until Wednesday. That gives me 2 days buffer (but not enough mediation to do any damage and I was on 45mg Mirtazipine and 300mg Quetiapine but have just undergone changes into my medication).

I have my 4 week repeat dispensing marked on my calendar and know to call the surgery at week 2 to arrange the appointment for during week 4. If this cannot be done then I order my repeat prescription through the pharmacy when I collect week 4. I find that it is quicker to order through the dispensing pharmacy than order through the GP Surgery.

I would have a chat with your pharmacist and if they wont help you then perhaps (if practical) change pharmacy. I did this a few years ago because the pharmacy would not help me if the GP surgery screwed up. I now use the pharmacy in my local supermarket and they have been absolutely brilliant in their support over the years.

I am replying on Tuesday so I really hope that you have your medication by now xxx

Oh I emphasise with you as this sort of thing has happened to me before. What I do and I'm not recommending it, is to occasionally skip a dose then save it up for emergencies. This has paid off when this sort of thing happens.

I am on sertraline for example and run out several times and being without for a few days made me feel spaced out. I now have a small stack for emergencies. You shouldn't have to do this but sometimes needs must.

Tell them. Let them take responsibility for their actions.

Do you have automatic refills there? Or a system where the pharmacy holds the prescription until the day it's due to be filled? If it's an ongoing med the pharmacy should be pre notified as to when this can be released to you.

I'm in the US. This is how it works in my area. It's a plan in place so you don't miss meds.

I hope things get straightened out


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