Potential manic depression? How do I tell my gp?

Hi just wondering if someone can help

After finally reaching for help i wasdiagnosed with clinical depression 2 years ago. Since then it seems to be too comfortable for my monthly appointments with my GP to contain the same questions/and with them just packing me off with another month worth of pills (currently on100mg sertraline). However I know this isn't enough. I've gotten into the habit of telling them what I think they want to hear to get the appointment over and done with. I experienced a trauma as a child that i have never gotten over. Over the past year the illness has become even more erratic. I'm experiencing so much anger, having intense panic attacks to then hours later being on (what feels like) cloud9. I'm at a loss. I don't know what to tell my doctor.it seems all they do Is tell me to exercise. I've been through cbt which was helpful - but I think what I'm suffering is deeper than what is made to believe.

Sorry for the long post

I hope you are all doing okay xx

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  • Hi the term 'manic depression' is now called Bipolar. From your symptoms though you are describing PTSD instead. There is a site on here for this and it may help you to join it.

  • Hi,

    You need to be honest with your doctor. If all you are doing, is telling him the same things, then he will keep on prescribing the same remedy.

    If you have lost trust in your doctor, then go look for another but find some help.

    You are making things worse by avoiding your childhood trauma.

  • From what you have posted, I am 100% sure you are not bi polar, the symptoms of bi polar are not as you describe. I urge you to be completely honest with your GP, they cannot help you if you are not telling them your true feelings. Rest assured that you will not suffer longer than nessary if you tell the doctor everything. I think maybe you need some different medication, but you need to talk to the professionals. Do this quickly so you get better. Good luck 😊


    Here is the link to Heal my PTSD



  • Hello Yeelyx, no need to apologise your post is much shorter than some.

    It is a mistake to have let your GP appointments deteriorate so there is so little communication. This may be due to your GP not having much empathy or because you have let things drift. You either need to see another GP or be more persistent with this one. Bipolar usually can only be diagnosed by an NHS Psychiatrist and you should ask your GP for a referral if you strongly suspect you may have this. Telling your GP what you feel they want to hear is pretty useless. Mental health conditions are hard enough to diagnose accurately (if there is such a thing) and you need to help your GP by accurately describing your moods and symptoms, and being completely open and honest. After all he's got no spots to look at or other physical symptoms and is totally reliant on what you tell him. GPs have a responsibility but with mental health issues our own responsibility is just as big and if you're just shirking this by telling your GP what you think they want to hear you are doing lttle to help yourself.

    Treatment for bipolar usually differs from that for unipolar depression so you need to get this sorted asap.


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