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Hello I'm new!

Hi, so I'm new on here and after a very messed up weekend I need to sort myself out. I'm 24, my dad fied 2 years ago and I have been diagnosed as depressed for about a year. I am on tablets and see a councillor but I still don't feel any better. On Friday I drank a lot and took cocaine and can't remember much about the night, I have done this a few times now in the past year and just want to sort my life out. Has anyone else been through something similar? Does anyone have any idvice? Thanks x

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Hi Bugster

Sorry about your dad. I'm going to be very honest here. Now if you are Depressed and want to sort your life out,

Your certainly doing things that would make anyone who wasn't previously

Depressed feel bad, alcohol and cocaine are a one way street.

My advice if any is to cut these two things out immediately. I would

Go back to GP and tell what's going on, just start again, Try No alcohol and certainly

No cocaine and I'm sure you will feel better . Otherwise you will end you with

Another problem as well. Addiction.

This is a good forum for support in getting your life sorted out a bit better than

You are doing now.



Thank you and I definitely am going to stop. It's not just me it's effecting but my family too. Do you know if quite a lot of people go through the same thing? In terms of drink and drugs?


Hi Bugster

I think yes it's a big problem, people do it to feel better and end up

Feeling twice as bad.

Bugster at least you made effort to come on here, so don't be

Too hard on yourself. These things happen very easily and it's

No shame, just go to your GP and ask for help.

I would say they get this problem quite a lot nowadays , so don't

Be worrying that your the only one.

Hannah x

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Bugster. Do stick around here if you can and you will

Get lots of support. It's actually very quiet here tonight ,

So check back later.

Naturally Bugster it might be a matter of you seeing what's going

On in your life. Your worries and what can be improved. But taking

That first step is the hardest, so well done.

Lucy may be on later and she too will have good advice.

Xx Hannah.

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Hi Bugster, A big welcome to this forum, I have only been here a short while and found it a lovely friendly place to be, where we can all support one another.

Sorry about your dad, it is very hard to loose your father at such a young age, especially if you were very close.

Do you only see one councillor or have you tried group therapy? Talking in a group is sometimes good and enables you to hear different angles on feelings and how other cope.

I can’t relate to drinking or cocaine as I do neither, but can understand why they can give temporary relief, but that’s the thing it is too short lived and the return to earth can be much worse than the high they offer.

Wanting to stop is the first step to getting back control of your life, so you clearly have a lot of strength in you to beat this and you can do it!

Being compassionate towards yourself is important and can be difficult, there are lots of ideas on this site, I started with watching Paul Gilbert on you tube and am still reading one of his books on depression that I find very helpful.

This last week I have found making lists to be very helpful, I write down things that I should be able to do (and of course want to do) and each day I try to do at least one, some of them are very simple and only take a couple of minutes to do, but are motivational. That way I achieve at least something to build on every day and I am finding this helps, some are a little more difficult and need building up to, but seeing them written down reminds me what I want to and can achieve.

Some days are better than others, but I feel I am working at it constantly now instead of spiralling downwards, or not knowing where to begin. so each day gives a little more hope.

Take care, hugs to you, Moni xx


Hi Moni

That's great.

I am going to do the lists/goals. I used to do it but stopped lately.

I liked Paul Gilbert too, I had his Book on IPod and used to listen

To it while going for my walks.

You sound in good form. It's very quiet here tonight.

Hannah xx


Hi Hanah, hows the back feeling today?

it is quiet here, i just keep popping on to see if Silke is about as I miss seeing her here at the moment :-(

it's past my bedtime! but I was watching a John Denver film so had a good weep :-(

Hope you get a good nights sleep and continue to improve tomorrow :-)

sweet dreams xxx


Sleep well Moni

Hannah xx


Hi Bugster nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Many people turn to drugs, legal and illegal ones to cope with life sometimes. Sort of an emotional crutch. I think this is because of the stigma of mental health problems and lack of effective treatments. Or not being taken seriously at the doctors. The trouble with self medication is that it does work in the sort term but makes the situation much worse in the long term and the original problem is magnified and you add more. If you can, stay off the drugs and seek proper medical treatment. This will be better for you than cocaine and alcohol. x


Hi Cough x


Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can start to climb back up, and hopefully this is the point you've reached. Obviously it's stupid taking cocaine but that's a lot easier for someone who's never tried it to say. Will you tell your counsellor about this weekend? Oh and welcome to the forum by the way x


Hi Lucy x


Hey hey!! X


sorry to hear about your dad,

when my wife died, it took me a drunk driving accident and broken back to get over the booze and drugs.

I hope nothing terrible like that happens to you.


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