Thanks !

Hi, I've had a rubbish day. Came home and started reading the blogs. Came to the conclusion, yes there is a lot of pain our there, BUT this site is full of lovely supportive caring people - it's great to know you're all here. I'm so very pleased you're all part of my life. Thanks guys. Sorry this sounds like some sort of cornie group hug, but just had to say it. Sue xx


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  • I LOVE GROUP HUGS...((((((((((SueBeeSue))))))))). Any old hug does me. And this site is brilliant as people on here really know how you feel. Let's stay supportive of each other .xxxx

  • I totally agree. I was at rock bottom at the beginning of the week and read through and made some comments. It is great to know you are not alone and the feelings you have are not unique to you. Sharing our feelings defo works for me :-D xxx

  • SueBeeSue, thats a lovely post, and I am delighted to get a hug so thanks for that. You sound like a lovely person. Sharing our troubles helps and we can all help each other too. Its a great little site. I am in Ireland, Dublin, so I wish there was a site like this here in Dublin, but anyway im glad to be on this.

  • Hi

    Yes, I agree with you, it's a really useful website and most people on it are caring and sensitive. I've found that when I'm feeling low I can write or even rant and will always get support from someone and when I feel better I find it really helps keep me that way to be able to answer other people's blogs. Glad you're finding it helpful, I've read your blog but you already have lots of replies and I couldn't think of anything to add really.


  • its nice to know there are caring people around, when you feel, no one cares