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So long and thanks for all the fish

I suspect I could also have titled this 'I'll be back'

Reference is to Hitchikers Guide to the Universe (Douglas Adams) for anyone who isn't familiar.

First I would like to thank everyone involved in this site - from the administration that creates a save place to talk to everyone that has shared their thoughts, their questions and there answers.

I've been hear for just over a week but it has given me the sort of opportunity to think and talk about my experiences and reflect on my coping strategies - including ones that I'd forgotten about and the ones that tend cause me problems and has helped me through the process of finding a new coping strategy - not hiding away inside when those horid thoughts come calling but actually just opening the door and telling them politely 'not today'. It is working at the moments with the (ab)normal stress levels coming from my job: Accountant - year end, and a couple of members of staff that aren't really up to speed so needing more support than I can really give them and do all the year end stuff at the same time. Will just have to see how it goes with the menstral cycle. I've also realised just how many different coping strategies I have that I haven't been using for a while that are a lot more healthy than the calming myself through sadness and thoughts of death one. :)

Secondly, just in case it helps anyone else out there I wanted to explain a bit about whilst I need to go for a while.

A phobia of social network sites is one part of it - think that's that they can feel a bit addictive and I start to feel I am losing touch with the real world

But it's partly about me and knowing that I need space when things are very emotional. It's not the same as the withdrawl of depression but it can look like it to the outside world and caused me some problems when I was hospitalised in my 20s - 1980s - as I found all of the group therapy was just too much and I needed to get away from it. That's really what I wanted to share. It isn't a withdrawl from the world - it might be a withdrawl from the world of people - but it most definitely isn't a withdrawl from the world. The world of people can be a bit like a rollercoaster for me and I just can't go round on it all the time feeling disorientated and dizzy - I do need to get off from time to time and just feel the earth beneath my feet and get back my equilibrium.

Thank you again - keep talking and keep sharing

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Wishing you all the very best, especially with your work. Hope to see you back on here at some time. Take care and be kind to yourself. XX


Wishing you all the best.



Gambit, thanks for that post, hope that all goes well in your job. It sounds stressful enough, its great when you find anything to help us through Depression, I always take any help I can, as its good to see how others cope.

Best of luck and take care of yourself.



Aw Gambit, you'll be missed...

Good luck with everything and thanks for being part of this site, won't be the same without you..

Hope everything goes well for you, but most of all I hope you will be back soon!!

All the best,

Holly Xxxx


Very old post - one of the dangers of the read next I guess ... been back for ages :)


Haha, oh sorry...! Well glad you're here anyway!!

Holly Xxx


This was a really old post. Have been back for a while - but doesn't mean I won't disappear again. Really looking forward to having some energy back this afternoon after my B12 shot this morning - just a few hours to go now.


Glad you are back! Suex


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