Hey guys!

I hope you're okay!

So, today was a Pretty Boring day.

I hang out with my family and we just had 1 or 2 argue (for the moment) so i'm doing fine! No stress, i was all day in bed!

Yesterday I was with one of my old friends (we know each other's since 8 years) and i told him everything about my problems, I needed it.

So I told him and he told me to try to talk with my mother about my thoughts and my problems.. But I think he didn't understand that it's IMPOSSIBLE to talk with her..

And he told me too, that she is a big part of my problems, and that's true.. She's not THE problem, but she doesn't help too..


I have take contact with an association called "SOS-amitié" by e-mail but I will try to chat with them tonight!

And tomorrow I will call them (my friend told me to do this, it will help me a lot, and a lot of you told me to call them too, so I'm going to do this tomorrow!)

Thanks a lot for your help!

-the little one xx

PS: this picture, is from one of my favorite songs. (unpredictable by 5 seconds of summer)

This band help me so much, just to see them happy, I feel happy and loved.. This is weird I know, but who say's being weird is not cool huh? ;)

Love ya!

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Hi sweetpea, glad to here you haven't had too much stress today and seem in a much better place than you were the other night.

keep moving forward, we all love ya xxxx


Thank you!

Yes, i feel a lot better!

Be safe!

-another young girl xx


This is good news, please do speak to them, don't delay, just do it :-)

Thanks for your update and bon chance xx


I will ! I promise ! :D

Thanks dear ! :D


Hi there Missy. I'm so glad that your feeling a bit better. Music can help us to feel

Better and especially lyrics we can relate to

It's good that you met a friend. If you did talk to your Mum would she be surprised

Your feeling lonely and Depressed?

If my daughter was upset and feeling alone and misunderstood, I would feel very

Bad if she thought she not confide in me.

Another girl please give your Mum a chance to listen to you. I think she

Would hug you and try to help.

Try and confide in her and let her into your world. I think your doing great at

Talking to us, and your making sense to me. I think I know how you feel.

Big hug to you

Hannah x


Hi Hannah!

My mom would be really, really mad at me. She would like be mean..

She knows, my doctor told her and the only thing she had done is yelling at me and insult me..

So yeah..

Yes, talking to this forum help me a lot. And i'll always be thankful to you for helping me like that..

You are beautiful persons!

Hug to you too!

-another young girl xx


Hi Another Girl. I'm sorry about your Mum, is there any one else in your extended family that you could talk to?

If not stick around and we will be your little support team.

You are like a breath of fresh air.

Hannah x

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Thalys hannah! Tanks for your support..

My family don't like me instead of my aunt but this is very difficult, my cousin is ill and stuff so yeah..


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