At my Limit (Possible bad language, I'll try not to[sorry])

I don't know what the purpose of this post is to be perfectly honest - just like I don't know what I want or need anymore.

I have found that, I myself, put very little faith or hope in the professional side of help these days. since looking I have had noting bit rejections because of my age (17) and because my case wasn't 'severe enough' because I'm not suicidal ... I have thoughts but no desire to act on them, so that are is on I suppose.

I cant keep looking for professional help if call they're gonna do is f*ck with me! My Doctor is an a*s I don't know why I haven't gotten a new one to be honest -maybe he put me off? he is the kind of ''Doctor'' who rolls his eyes or tries to mumbles to fill the space between me not speaking.

"You're looking anxious today..."

"No Sh*t."

I believe this post is one of two things or both - a way to vent my anger at the professional side, and/or a way of asking you guys if you know any self help websites in mind - I'm not saying I'm in the right mind-set to use them but a small part of me doesn't want to give up just yet.

After all, there is just so many times that you can be told that you can't be helped.

I apologise for the expletives used.


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11 Replies

  • Hi dani. What is it you need help with? X

  • Wee do U know any self help websites?

  • I know of mind and mood gym x

  • Assuming you' suffering from depression it can be enough to make a saint swear. I do think its important to change your GP (are there others in the practice ?) to get someone you have more empathy with. Thats quite important. If you can't find one that suits after say a couple of shots maybe you should ask is it me ?

    Don't expect too much of either GPs or Psychiatrists. Physical medicine is more or less a science , but psychiatry is probably 100 years behind that. Its just so difficult, the mind is very complicated and they can't really do too many experiments on human brains.

    However they have made some progress so a competent GP with a competent psychiatrist can usually give quite a lot of help. If you Google Jim Phelps MD, he's a pretty competent guy (it seems to me ) and is n't afraid to admit what they don't know.

    There's a lot of reading on that site but unless you've got bipolar disorder most of it probably won't apply. Kay Renfield Jamison has also been recommended to me but I think you would have to buy her books to make the most of her advice , again mostly Bipolar.

    Mind you if you have n't got bipolar or schizophrenia you probably can get sorted by a good GP and antidepressants.

    I don't know so much about anxiety but if you describe your symptoms someone on here will probably give some good advice.


  • That all seems very logical thanks ... I guess I also don't want to seem rude when changing Drs if I do ... seeing as my Dr did help with the anxiety x

  • Hi Dani if you belong to a group practise you can see any doctor you like - it's not rude and it's your choice. Your doctor won't care.

    My doctor is brilliant at mental health problems, but if I have a physical problem I will see either her or several other ones. There are those at my surgery I avoid like the plague! Usually the male middle aged ones who tend to look at me as though I am from a different planet and assume I am an attention seeking middle aged woman who has nothing to do but worry about my health!

    Doctors are all human after all but you need one who takes you seriously.

    Bev x

  • A good post thanks.

    Your comment about antidepressants reminded me. My counselor has just referred me herself to a local Secondary Care service. NHS mental health practitioner, specifically for me a psychiatrist to discuss my condition and symptoms to then prescribe the appropriate antidepressant or anxiety drug.

    i have been assured they are just there to assess my medication and not try any other approaches.

    I have confidence now that i should get support from a professional that will take the time to discuss all of my issues and understands the medication effects to prescribe the best one for me.

    Perhaps most MD's dont have enough experience with more persistent mental health issues like mine.

    There has been a lot of research and advances in the past few years on brain function. Reading up on neuroplasticity has helped me recognise my brain can change.

    This is on the way to me from amazon. There is one on anxiety too.

    The cbt approach is backed up by research to be effective.

    I have to trust some professionals!


  • Hi David I am so pleased for you and I hope you get the help you need and deserve.

    One question - I hear lots of people being seen by a psychiatrist yet when I go I am offered a young trainee counsellor. I never see a psychiatrist and never been offered one. I am always told they are too busy etc. Very strange. bev x

  • This is my second round with a CBT counselor.

    I only stayed for 3 sessions first time round and now have gone back for more regarding anxiety.

    We have talked about medication a few times. I came off Citralopram a few months ago due to side effects being worse than the illness.

    The offer to refer to Secondary care comes out of my discussing my poor support from recent visit to doctors to discuss different medication.

    I have been suffering for about 10 years now. I probably get an upgrade for persistence?

    My counselor did say my hour with a psychiatrist was to help identify medication rather than longer term discussion about my mental health.

    Maybe you have to really ill to get that type of help? :)




  • Hi what is bioploar

  • Hi

    I have had a mixed set of experiences with about five doctors discussing depression and anxiety.

    A couple have listened and helped and the other three just jumped to conclusions and offered the first advice and medication they could think of.

    One told me to change my job or move closer to where I worked. Great advice to minimize stress and anxiety!

    Another offered beta blockers after a two minute chat.

    All from the same practice with easy access to my notes.

    A couple of things myself that helped me I found myself.

    First, i asked my doctor about counselling. He referred me straight away but the NHS waiting times were 13 weeks here. As the service was a local charity I contacted them directly and got some help withing 4 weeks. Six sessions with a counselor. That was about 3 years ago.

    My depression eased with medication and counselling. Im still stuck with anxiety.

    Last year I self referred to a local mental health service I found after a quick search on the internet. I have had a few sessions of CBT based talking therapy which is helping me manage the negative voice in my head and the downward spirals when I get low.

    I just typed mental health support in Derbyshire, my county and got enough hits to make a call. You can book appointments without even talking to someone.

    I have looked at CBT self help books on google books and have one coming from Amazon. They support the talking with the counselor.

    You can also get a doctor referral to an NHS online CBT site which i have not tried.

    the Mind website could be a good start online

    One website I found is moodgym for cbt

    There are also CBT based apps for phones and tablets that support a diary based approach and tips if your mood swings and want to use your phone discretely.

    If you find anything specific for teens and young adults, please put a post up.

    I'm over 50 and prefer books and talking. Forums, chat rooms and social media apart from the odd Facebook post are an enigma.

    Watch out for Facebook by the way, people tend to post good experiences and celebrate successes and that can be tough if, like me, you are not coping sometimes with life's challenges. If every where else seems rosy compared to your own life it can add to your woes.

    Good luck with your search.



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