Who else can I go see?

I went to my Dr's for an appointment on the 16th Jan and got one for the 2nd Feb. So can I go anywhere else or do I have to wait to see Dr for help.

My outbursts of anger has left me with a final written warning. One more outbursts and I am out. So now I am so anxious it's unbelievable. I have no medication to calm me down. I am thinking how to fix the problem and getting frustrated as I do not know how to help myself. Do not wont to loose my job as I like. So is there anyone else I can go see?

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  • Ask to see a councilor , they asses you and rec8mmend the type of counciling you need

  • That's a week away. I could be unemployed by then. Was hoping there was something slightly quicker. But that could be just me being impatient.

  • Hi

    I know it sounds drastic but you might consider phoning the Samaritans when you feel absolutely at boiling point. Although most people think of them as being there fore people who are suicidal, they are also able to listen when you are feeling at your wits end in other ways and although they will not solve the problem talking about how you feel is likely to de-fuse things. There aren't any services that are available for immediate help unless you fear harming yourself or someone else and I wouldn't go down that route if you can avoid doing so as you may find you regret that afterwards. Immediate support such as the Samaritans will ease the situation I think. I agree you could phone first thing in the morning and ask the GPs for an emergency appointment for that day, if they refuse then go to the surgery, but I would make sure you are de-fused first otherwise you might just alienate them and that won't help you.


  • If you feel strongly I would ask for an emergency app tell them you need to be seensooner and if you need to sign on sick till you have been seen x

  • I know a lot of people don't believe in natural remedies but one that really works for me is SLEEP rescue remedy in drops. Must be the sleep one. You should be able to get this from Boots and it calms the anxiety almost straight away and you can use it as often as needs be. Try it. Or go to the chemist and see what they recommend, most pharmacists are very good. Good luck.

  • Have brought some of this and will be trying it tonight.

  • I was thinking maybe go off sick until your appointment comes through. There are some awful winter bugs about just now ...

  • I have had 4 days off with a flu already. This is a part of the cause of my situation.

  • I agree with Suzie. Go off sick for now. You can't risk work with the way you are feeling. I am really surprised you can't get a doctors appointment until 2nd Feb. I though doctors had to see you within 48 hours by law?

    Bev x

  • Ask to speak to doctor over the telephone - he/she will assess you and if he/she needs to see you, he/she will get you to come in. Alternatively, to remove youself from the situation by explaining to work "that you are unable to work at the moment and are seeking medical help"

    Good Luck


  • II know with my doctors it can a long time to get an appt. But you can ask for a phone call and also for a doctor to come out on the same day. I in the past have had the doctor visit me at home and on the same day. Good luck X

  • I would go and see a pharmacist for help.They can advise you to see a GP and with the strength of that ask GP for an emergency appointment

  • Thank you all for your reply's and advise. I feel better when I am at work, even if they are making me very anxious. I get worse if I cannot talk to the people I have upset. It some how calms me down.

    I keep on having outbursts of anger, and scream and shout at my supervisor. So am quite amazed they have not sacked me already. So they are helping me keep my job. So the least I can do, is do my job.

    They gave me one last chance as long as I get help. So here I am trying to make sense of it all, (Which I typed whilst laughing) If that's not a nervous reaction what is.

    Thank you all


  • Good luck to you, Colin. Hang on in there and use that rescue remedy !!!! All the very best.

  • Hi

    Mind can be really helpful for immediate support and they do sometimes offer anger management and similar sessions. Do phone the local branch and ask, if not they may be able to advise. Suexx

  • If you are religious it is worth going to a chaplaincy. If not, try and seek a counselor or search for "crisis groups" in your area.

  • Hey Colin

    When I read the rest of your blog it sounds like you are really stressed. I wonder do you know what is making you so uptight? It may be that people on the website can help you to think about those issues and that will defuse the anger.


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