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Life is hard these days

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I’ve been struggling really bad lately I’ve been having bad anxiety and there’s this voice in my head that’s always telling me that I’m not good enough or that I should go die or something really negative and sometimes it won’t go away unless you listen to it. I just really need a good friend that I can call when this happens because I honestly have no one to help me .

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Hello Butterfly

You need to try Mindfulness, Relaxation Technique, you can purchase books on this inclusive technique on Amazon for around £7.00 I was even surprised to see them sold by the National Trust Shop.

DIVERSIONS AND HOBBIES can help divert your thoughts and keep the brain active. I try and find something I enjoy to do to help me relax before bed, that helps me divert my thoughts

Have you talked to your GP SURGERY yet, and arrange a chat with your Doctor. Hopefully they will arrange an appointment, eye to eye.

However it may be a good idea to make a list of the causes and reasons for your Anxiety, also the hearing of voices needs to be attended to



You can always return here and have a chat on these pasges. You can also send me a Pm Private Message here as well On the Chat line, the inerraction will be between you and me , no=one else. You use my site name, Borderriever and you will get a private line, You and Me.


the only voice you will here soon is your own and that voice will tell you to keep going no matter the situation.voices and thoughts and feelings can always be challenged we even have the power to do it ourselves.

Hello Butterfly265 I am sorry to hear you are feeling so low. My advice would be reach out to someone. Other people are not mind readers and unless you tell them, they can not begin to help you. If you can't turn to a relative or friend then go to a doctor, write a few things down to best describe exactly how your feeling. I suffered many years in silence, unnecessarily, when I eventually spoke with a doctor I got medication and counselling to help with my depression. I still have it but can now see it coming and be ready to tackle it head on when it appears. Reach out and good luck x

I have times when I feel exactly the same. It is awful isn’t it. Like someone said above.. we have to take control of our thoughts and try to change that bad thought. Spk to the doc huni ur meds may be making you feel worse. You are special and you are important. Don’t believe what your sickness is telling you!! You are sick my darling. Dnt listen to it. Xx

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