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Life is hard


This life is difficult for everyone in life well it can be, I no we all get our good moments and we get our bad, and I no life is what you make it. But my question is how can you make more fulfilment in your life if you can't work and suffering with depression, anxiety and stress, which then makes me feel I'm even more trapped. And to top it of to make things worse, how the hell do I get out the rut if the health service is slow, which is not probably there fault they quiet possibly have a large amount of patients to deal with, and maybe not enough staff, who knows....

Well to make things worse the bf I'm with don't make me happy half of the time, and he hardly takes me out, and not talking rude but our love life is absolutely crap, so I can't even sit down and think to myself, well at least I'm in love, or our love life is great, or he treats me like a princess, it's basically s..t, so I can't even plan a fulfilment in our relationship because if he can't treat me nice or make me happy, and he ain't got a pot to piss in himself, and basically struggling, then there is no way I want to be here with him, because all it's doing is making my health worse, so it's pointless. And now I live with him I can't just get up and go because I ain't got anywhere to live.

To finish my last words before I go on and on and bore everyone who reads, well the truth be told I wished I was not here and wished I could vanish.

Ps, sorry if my words don't make sense but I've typed this out with stress speed.

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So, the first thing to do is to get rid of the crappy BF, go out with friends and wait for the right guy to find you. Having no relationship is better than having the wrong one for you.

Try and find a hobby that gives you a degree of satisfaction and preferably a friend that appreciates whatever you do that will give you lots of praise.

Basically...more +++ and less --- in your life is all I can suggest.




Thanks, well since lost licence I've been unable to do my old job, which involved a lot of travelling etc, plus with my illness as caused me to lose contact a lot. But thanks anyway.

Hi there, Life is hard at times, but one thing is sure it will be one hundred times harder with a boyfriend you don't love and who is not good to you. First thing first, you need to get out of a bad or unhealthy relationship, that will immediately improve things. Get out and about, and take each day and I am sure you will feel a weight off your shoulders, you will open yourself to the possibility of eventually meeting someone good, if thats what you want. So there is lots to look forward to, but you need to act now, life is too short to put up with a bad relationship.



Thanks Hannah,

Very helpful, :)

Is it your place or his,,,, and I think, you have to be honest with yourself, or are you having a downer,,,, if its his place, go to the council, (after you have packed your bags) tell them, you have nowhere to go. as your ill, they have a legal responsibliity to house you. mention you have depression. (it was probably him making you feel worse) I did something simular,,,you may have a bed and breakfast for a few weeks,, but your free, clean, and dont have to say anything to anyone. change your name if you want to.

I bought a place in France because I wanted to disappear,, it needs work. but wanted to turn it into a refuge,,, so there is a call for it. lol lol lol

Your new life begins,,, and can be quite exciting.

kind regards x were all here for you.

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