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Any help with any of these issues? Feel suicidal and stuck with life

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So down in the dumps... 😟, My anxiety and mood is so bad atm and I’ve had 4 hours sleep in 2 days, I cannot switch off and I feel so drained, I’ve lost a stone because I just cannot eat atall , I’ve spoke to gp but she said unfortunately lots of people are in the same boat and I need to persevere. I’m struggling to look after my three kids and dog and we have done a month so far in isolation, I have OCD, anxiety , panic disorder and bipolar , I just think I’m useles and this anxiety will never go! Started sertraline 3 weeks ago and doubled dose last week so I’m hoping it’s side affect, I just want to be able to sleep and eat normal so I can function. I’m worried all the adrenaline in my body will kill me if the virus dosent . To top it off it’s my birthday today and I’ve not been able to see friends or family and finding the isolation too much now . What can I do to sleep?

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! I told someone else this I hope it helps you any, but it’s very important for me to be on a schedule or I’m all over the map and my my is scattered brain. Suicidal ideations I’ve had before in the past yes. Sleeping I try those eucalyptus mists and spray them on your pillow very relaxing can put you to sleep in a heartbeat. My doctor gives me meds to in additionally med if I awake again at 2am to take. Also helps me go to sleep same time everyday Anyway, this is what I told someone else.....I get use a notebook and write down a schedule of like 1-20 things(I start short to take pressure off I write down 1-5 complete those than number 6-10) like a could do list. Example 1. Made bed2. Brushed teeth, 3. Ate breakfast , 4. Took meds, etc... than write down every time you do and you’d be Surprised to see doing .so you might feel better of all your accomplishments/goals . Look at your list end of the day, add more as you go...And get on a schedule and actually see how much your your doing. .Ruminating thoughts I deal with so I try to stay present by distracting myself keeping busy.I try to stay present in the moment. My therapist told me sometimes it helps to talk to yourself in 3rd person to do something or change the way you feel like Survivor4Life it’s going be okay! I have a mindfulness practice I do sometimes I do.. I ask myself 3 questions (1) How do I feel? (2) What can I do about it?(3) What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen? And apply any of this to my situation.. I’m sorry for how you are doing, I hope you feel better and know you are priceless and have much worth! Hope any of this helps!

You need to allow the medication about four/five weeks so you can get used for it

If you are having problems relaxing consider looking into trying Mindfulness, Relaxation Technique, you can purchase a book on the subject on Amazon £7;00

Consider me time in the evening where you can relax and do things you enjoy for yourself.

Consider watching programs that are not violent etc before bed, you are best to listen to music you enjoy, or even reading a book, something you enjoy, it is all down for your needs and expectations It is in the first instance to relax


Do you have any support, does your husband or friend help you. They may be idea to reach out to when really low. Are you career minded and need help with occupying yourself? Goal orientated or intelligence orientated - where you have to keep your mind busy?

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I’m exactly the same and have all the same conditions as you I literally feel like I’m going crazy and I just don’t k ow what to do! My gp said he can’t do anything there’s nothing else they can do and I’m like your supposed to be helping me

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I’ve also had hardly any sleep it’s making me feel awful I’m eating rubbish like chocolate and crisps that’s literally it it’s awful

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I’m sorry your feeling the same I wouldn’t wish it on anyone it’s horrible. I’m going to start having some smoothies and more fruit so atleast something healthy is getting down me , somedays the adrenaline is that bad I Carnt get out of bed. Do you get like that? X

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Pretty much everyday x

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You are not alone , my anxiety has been taking a toll now going on day 5 I believe I wake up in cold sweats having weird dreams it just all scares me I believe everbody anxiety is through the roof . We have to try and stay positive and keep a clear mind during this time it’s really really hard but your not ALONE

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Hello there, I thought to reach out to you due to my own personal experiences. Firstly, what would help your mood is to try to change your diet- less your sugar intake. Reason I see this as I suffer with depression. I have good and bad days. I do believe changing my diet has helped improve my mood. Try fruits, salads, unrefined sugars like a little bit of honey, cinnamon, maple syrup. It takes time to get used to the diet but take little steps. Oats for breakfast is very good - I add honey . Also, try to not eat too much wheat as this can have an affect, well with me anyway 😉. Try snacking on carrots and hummus, etc. The diet will also help with your sleep patterns. Your moods may also be down to your medication as your body adapts? I also recommended Magnesium flakes to add to your bath - this is best just before you go to sleep. Takes around 20 minutes to get the affect from the magnesium. Take care of your self.

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I find that I know what to do but I literally have no motivation to help myself and it’s horrible, why do I do this to myself? Why am I like this? How can I help it?

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