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Hi, advice please

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Hi I'm new here....

I suffer with depression and anxiety, currently taking Sertraline which helps.

It feels like every day I just have to try and try. Try to get up & dressed, clean my teeth, brush my hair..... never mind go to work (if I manage it), shop, cook, clean, etc etc etc.

Sometimes I'm exhausted. I can feel better and positive for a while but there always seems to be a bit of a meltdown that follows.

I'd love to hear your coping tips/strategies please.

I try to eat well and exercise but when I'm down all that goes out the window.

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Hi! Same for me. I started taking this medicine about 3 weeks ago, and my biggest struggle is to fall asleep, being the second waking up with ease. I feel more at peace than before, overall, but these 2 issues are major for me. I've had sleep paralysis diagnosed in the past, no idea if this could possibly be related to my sleep sensitivity. Will see if it gets any better over the next weeks since it takes a while to build into the system. Let me know if this drug us helping you with the mental issues ✌️

Go online, potentials unlimited, get a download to match your needs, Ray.

Consider Mindfulness Relaxation Technique, books purchased on line Amazon A small book with plenty information and help

Diversions and hobbies do help, I spend at least two hours,excluding here each evening and possibly in the afternoon this helps to take your mind of negative thoughts it may also help you relax before bedtime to sleep.

It is important you do not eat to close to bedtime, you will find going to bed at the same time may help, If you wake up middle of the night for any reason sit on the bed for a few mins and your sleep patern will return. Also if you take medicines before bed allow and take them about one hour before bed, that seems to work for me. Of course we are all different.


Same here. I am on week four and am also dealing with Tinnitus.

Diversion is the name of the game.

On 150mg daily myself. True it does level things out a great deal. Was on fluxitine before this and my moods were up an down all the time, and slept for 12 hours a day, mind you that might have been the epilepsy meds too? Now what i get is a flattening of emotions, no happy, no miserable, days, just, numb. Not to sure if thats good or bad really, but i do not sleep for 12 hours a day now, only 8, anxiety a lot, lot lower, not al depressed either as much as i was before. All i can say is personally i find it a LOT better than fluoxetine! Seems some do well on it others not so well, like all meds, no matter what any proffesional might tell you, they ALL act differently on everybody, an they ALL have side effects, question is are those side effects better or worse than the condition their treating? For me, its better than what i was on, an the side effects are far better than if i wasnt on them.

Hi, I found that taking life slower was and still is easier, I decided that if one morning if I didn’t want to brush my hair it just went in a bun etc. I decided to focus on one thing at a time while other things waited until evening when the big day was done. It’s not really a coping mechanism but it helps make the day just a tiny bit easier

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